The police disperse an anti-amnesty rally that was besieging the socialist headquarters of Ferraz with a charge

The anger of the right against amnesty It overflowed on Monday night on Ferraz Street in Madrid. The riot police National Police have ended up dissolving with batons, smoke and spicy gas a concentration that surrounded the federal headquarters of the PSOE, when the most violent of the attendees threatened to overcome the fences and the police cordon that protected the building.

Have been 3,800 congregated –according to the Government Delegation in Madrid – that once again have followed a call spread on social networks. They were invited to protest in front of an empty headquarters that had been locked since the afternoon for security reasons. The tension of the riot has resulted in four arrests.

An hour and a half after the demonstration began, the first incidents, when the crowd made its first attempt to overtake the riot police. Of those that have been organizing in front of the main headquarters of the PSOE since last week, this has been the harshest escrache.

This is the main of a series of calls before socialist headquarters to which numerous right-wing and far-right activists called this Monday in ten Spanish cities. Among them, also Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia, Zaragoza and Tarragona.

The protesters have chanted slogans against the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the former president Carles Puigdemont, asking for prison for both. “Madrid will be the tomb of Sanchismo,” they shouted.

The protest has professionalized its banners, which replace the hand-painted cardboard of the first concentrations last week. Now the slogans in favor of the unity of Spain and against the negotiation of the investiture between Catalan socialists and independentists, which is summarized as “the betrayal” and “the coup”, appeared on mechanically printed banners.

Among common slogans, such as the chant of “Let Txapote vote for you”, new slogans have appeared; The collection of insulted people has already been incorporated former minister and first secretary of the Catalan socialists, Salvador Illa. They shouted “Illa, Illa, Illa, the fence to Melilla.”

Politicians present

He national leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, had issued a tweet announcing that he was going to participate in the rally. “Let’s go to Ferraz,” she said briefly. And he appeared, but in the back of the main protest area, where he took advantage of the event to make statements. Abascal explained that he was also demonstrating because Pedro Sánchez “is selling the nation“, trampling on the Constitution, destroying equality between citizens and giving away an amnesty that is against the Constitution, just for votes to stay in power.”

He has not been the only leader of Vox present in the escrache. The vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León and Castilian leader of Vox, Juan García-Gallardohas placed himself in the front row, with the most agitated faction of the crowd, until his political boss has arrived.

It is not the first time that political leaders take part in these apocryphal demonstrations, which are not communicated to the Government Delegation. Last Saturday, the former president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, participated in one of them, even leading a blockade of public roads.

The demonstrations are not called by any party, but this Monday the organizational inspiration from Vox. With a flag not at all handmade, and placing speakers through which the anthem of Spain resounded, it made its premiere Revolt, the youth branch with which Abascal’s formation wants to extend its battle.

But there was not only Vox. There was also a large group of Falangists in the first line of the concentration. One of its leaders, Martín Ynestrillas, has protested on the social network X against the Police, which he calls “Marlaska’s mercenary force.”

Neutralize the police

The crowd has gathered around number 70 Ferraz Street in Madrid on the same day that the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has called on the Spaniards to mobilize in the street – although next Sunday and not this way – and on the same day that the judge of the National Court Manuel García Castellón has issued an order that attributes crimes in the area of ​​terrorism to Carles Puigdemont and the republican leader Marta Rovira for alleged involvement in the Democratic Tsunami.

The PSOE has demanded in vain that Feijóo condemn the harassment at its headquarters. All this, on a day in which a suggestion – halfway through the instruction – from a well-known far-right propagandist has gone viral on Telegram recommending actions of non-active resistance and obstruction of police officers riot police that, so far, have not been seen in Ferraz.

The similarity with the advice to block the street given by the Catalan National Assembly in the days of the outbreak of the procés is notable. In this case, the record of the protester before socialist headquarters recommends hug the agents so they can’t move.

The brochure that it disseminates develops the idea in the form of a question and answer:

“What is happening with the Police?

does its job

How do they do that?

They set up police cordons and security zones

So that?

For that the demonstration does not penetrate to its objective.

What do we need?

Break the police cordons.

How are we going to do it?

Hugging police officers.

Is it legal?

Displays of affection are legal.”

The pamphlet even specifies how long to hold the officer: “Between 20 and 30 seconds. Then you have to run. What if the agent resides in love?” “I’m hanging until it falls to the ground.”

The disseminator of this manual considers: “Each agent carries 25 kilos of material. He has to use his hands to protect his material, body to body harms them. The helmet is uncomfortable and reduces your visibility”.

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The ultimate purpose, the pamphlet says, “is not to harm them, it is break your line and run”, given that “the training of the agents is very limited, in the body to body “They cannot use the baton or the shotgun.”

At the end of the parade, when the police charge and the protesters’ runs dissolved, leaving a trail of garbage bags and trash cans scattered on the streeta large group of people has refugee in the church of the Immaculate Heart, on Marqués de Urquijo Street. These people have been leaving little by little. Among them, an agitated participant shouted a rehearsed slogan at the police: “Damn democracy and its bastard daughter, the Constitution!”