The pole top is also my favorite top this summer

The short top is a favorite summer shirt for the summer season.

Hermès spring-summer 2022 All Over Press

It doesn’t really matter if the shirt has sleeves or not or what color it is: as long as the model is short and flashes the waist. Here’s a formula for a favorite top for the coming summer.

Unprejudiced play with different fabric textures is allowed. The bottom goes just as well with a skirt, shorts or any type of summer pants.

The crocheted shirts were part of the spring screenings of international fashion houses such as Hermès, Dior, Chanel, Courrèges and Misson in both Paris and Milan.

Hermès spring-summer 2022 All Over Press

Chanel spring-summer 2022 All Over Press

Christian Dior Spring-Summer 2022 All Over Press

Courrèges spring-summer 2022 All Over Press

Missoni Spring-Summer 2022 All Over Press

A favorite top for street style artists and stars

The short polar shirt, which flashes the middle body, is an absolute favorite of the fashion people.

Leonie Hanne All Over Press

German fashion blogger Leonie Hanne combined a short collared shirt with a topical maxi skirt.

Addison Rae All Over Press

Some’s favorite girl, Addison Rae, wore a Versace pattern from head to toe in Milan.

The fashionable set consists of a polo shirt and a matching miniskirt. Attitude sneakers make the street credible.

Eiza González All Over Press

Actress Eiza González built a casual but stylish outfit around a simple, white polo shirt.

Italian IT girl Veronica Ferraro chose the French fashion house Celine under a white jacket with a crumpled Army patterned shirt.

Cindy Bruna All Over Press

In this outfit, both the top and the skirt are short. French model Cindy Brunan the outfit is from this summer’s fashion collection’s favorite collection. The clothes of the Italian-fashion house Miu Miu’s spring-summer 2022 collection have ended up in almost every other fashion influencer.

In this outfit, there are many of the most current trends from Australian fashion weeks at the moment, originally familiar from the waistcoat and zero: polo shirt, maxi skirt, ring earrings and ruffled shoes. The impression is completed by a leather shirt and a small bag.