The Playlist: Aldo Grasso’s review of the Netflix series

Type: biographical, musical
Director: Per-Olav Sørensen and Hallgrim Haug. With Edvin Endre, Christian Hillborg, Ulf Stenberg, Gizem Erdogan, Severija Janusauskaite, Ella Rappich, Joel Lützow. On Netflix

Christian Hillborg: in “The Playlist” plays Martin Lorentzon (photo by Jonas Alarik©2022 Netflix, Inc.)

The imagination of a Swedish engineer, a wealthy investor, the crisis and the transformation of the music industry and the record market. With an almost documentary look and a non-trivial attention to the characters, The Playlist is a brilliant miniseries that tells the dream, the birth and the success of Spotifythe free music streaming platform that changed a media industry and consumer habits.

Daniel Ek is the real architect of this operation (here he has the face of the actor Edvin Endre); aspiring entrepreneur, seizes on the fly the landslides of an industry “attacked” by the digital e convinces Martin Lorentzon (older than him) to invest large sums of money on a project intended to upset a system.

The Playlist is a Swedish series, created in collaboration with the British production house Yellow Bird, which has the typical traits of Scandinavian seriality (dark colors, dilated rhythms), enriched by a soundtrack that is a natural and integral part of the story.

The series is above all the story of a vision (The Vision is the title of the first episode), of an impossible that becomes reality through intuition and luck; the biography of a man who led Sweden (and Europe) to compete with global tech platforms.
For those who love historical reconstructions of recent periods and great success stories.