The patriarch: plot previews, Claudio Amendola and cast

dafter the cop in Half black, Claudius Amendola switch to playing a successful entrepreneur with more than one skeleton in the closet: The Patriarch. The series – airing tonight at 9.45pm on Channel 5 and of which Claudio also signs the direction – is a family saga revolving around power. Our Successionto be clear, and our Italian Logan Roy. For the actor it is a return to Mediaset where he was loved Giulio for the six seasons of The Cesaronifrom 2006 to 2014.

The patriarchthe plot of the series

Nemo Bandera (Amendola) is a charming and charismatic entrepreneur, owner of Deep Sea, one of the most important companies in Puglia. Merit of his entrepreneurial skills, but also of unclear relationships that he has managed to weave over the years. Specifically, illicit trafficking that winds its way from the port of his city, Levante.

He is married to Serena (Antonia Liskova) and they have two children, Nina (Giulia Schiavo) and Carlo (Carmine Bruschini). The series begins with a discovery that turns his life upside down. He is ill and knows that he will no longer be able to continue running his own company. He doesn’t tell the family the truth. He only communicates that he wants to retire and to wanting to choose who will succeed him at the helm of the Deep Sea.

The only one who knows about the disease is Ferro (Michele De Virgilio), the most trusted collaborator. As often happens, the news of the withdrawal sets off a long battle on several fronts. Nemo would like to pass the baton to Nina or Carlo, but neither of them is up to the rolepartly due to lack of experience, partly due to personalities ill-suited to managing a large company.

Nemo struggling with Mario, Monterosso and his daughter Lara

The lawyer Mario Rizzi (Raniero Monaco di Lapio), on the other hand, is ready to take control of it and is disappointed when he discovers that the choice of Bandera, who has always considered him a godson, will still fall on one of his sons. He is engaged to Elisa (Giulia Bevilacqua), an unscrupulous lawyerwho decides to give the entrepreneur a hard time by running for mayor of Levante.

The succession process gets complicated when it turns up a third daughter, Lara (Neva Leoni). Born from a relationship prior to marriage with Serena, she is a determined girl with the right character. And now Nemo would like to recover the relationship and make up for the many years of absence.

Tensions go beyond the family sphere to also occupy the professional one. He ends up in the crosshairs of Inspector Monterosso (Primo Reggiani), but also in that of the drug trafficker Tigre (Antonio De Matteo). The latter, in cahoots with Freddy (Marius Bizau), does not accept that he wants to stop with illegal trafficking. Trafficking that made him rich and therefore a real war begins.

Neva Leoni and Raniero Monaco di Lapio are respectively Lara and Mario. (Mediaset)

The characters and other actors in the cast de The patriarch

The series was filmed between the end of 2021 and the first half of 2022. In all, seven months of filming between Puglia and Rome. In the cast, in addition to the actors already mentioned, appear Geno Diana (Buscemi), Carlo Calderone (Malcom) and Alice Torriani (Monica).

As for the characters, Nemo is a solid man, hungry for power and money, with a weak point: Ada. It is the great love of his lifenow hospitalized, in an irreversible coma. Serena, however, embodies the image of the wife still in love and determined to ensure that the company passes to one of the two children. To achieve your goal, you can count on one important detail: it was she who gave Deep Sea to her husbandpreviously owned by his father.

Lara, in addition to being strong-willed, is also very angry with Nemo for abandoning her and her mother. She’s the only one who doesn’t fear it and isn’t interested in money. Furthermore, she works as a volunteer in an association that takes care of marginalized young people. Mario, on the other hand, is all right interested in wealth and power. Nemo raised him like a son, made him study and knows all the secrets of the company.

Antonia Liskova (Serena) in a scene from the series. (Mediaset)

Nina and Carlo, the children of Bandera

Nina is 24 years old, knows how to exercise her power over men and has just returned from Paris to open an art gallery in Puglia. She has no intention of continuing the family business, but her certainties waver when Mario approaches her. Unfortunately she doesn’t know that the lawyer has every interest in her so that she trusts him and helps him in climbing the company.

Carmine is the littlest of the Bandera house. Sensitive and insecure, he fills his gaps with drugscoming into conflict with the father. He is engaged to Alessandro, with whom he has a solid relationshipbut the fight with his sister causes him too much pressure that he is unable to bear.

On the other side of the fence, it stands out Monterosso, the inspector returned to the east with a precise mission: to frame the patriarch. Unfortunately his thirst for justice can turn into obsession and the risk of getting into trouble is just around the corner. He knows it well Alice Florio (Cecilia Naples)who senses something and tries to prevent his colleague’s actions from leading to disastrous consequences.