The paradox of the flanks: Juve has four wingers, but McKennie is the most used. Here because

This summer the shortage of wingers seemed to have been resolved with the arrivals of Weah and Cambiaso and the confirmations of Kostic and Iling-Junior. But then the Wizard appeared, also to give the young people time to grow

Livia Taglioli

Juve seemed to be flying again. But the illusion of having magically solved a problem that has its roots in the past lasted the space of a match. Then came growing pains and the physiological time needed for adaptation and once again the bands went back to being a problem that was only theoretically solved. Because now, unlike the recent past, the men are there, but the balance is still not there. And thank goodness that “Wizard” McKennie pulled his wand out of his hat and transformed himself into a right winger, even though he is not a natural winger.


The arrival of Weah, the only real novelty entering the summer transfer market, Cambiaso’s return from loan and the confirmation of Iling seemed to have completed the squad. The American would have covered the right wing, awaiting De Sciglio’s recovery and with the possible support of McKennie, who escaped the summer purge of former loans (from Zakaria to Arthur, passing through Kulusevski) after various attempts to sell him. Cambiaso would have been the first alternative to Kostic on the left, but with the license to also play on the right as had already been done previously, while Iling, for whom a suitable offer had never arrived until the last minute, loomed as a further possibility in the rotations, also applying for outsiders given the incisiveness with which he presented himself on some occasions last season. Allegri had also tried it as a midfielder during the American tour, but the experiment was then shelved.


Ready, go: with Udinese Allegri lines up Weah and Cambiaso, with the latter on top thanks also to the assist for the third goal, that of Rabiot. Both wingers are replaced, during the match, by McKennie and Iling respectively: the rotations on the wings will be a constant in all the six matches played by Juve so far, partly due to the great expenditure of energy that the role requires, but also because the hierarchies are still fluid, in the absence of performances so convincing as to have made one or the other become the master of the competence band. Cambiaso, Weah and Iling are young players on the rise, with the first two in their first year at Juve if not even in Serie A, McKennie and Kostic are more mature but the first plays as an adapted player and the other is struggling to find comparable form and frequency to those who made him one of the pillars of the team last championship. Total: Maghetto has been the most used so far, with 6 appearances (of which 4 as a starter, always replaced) and above all 354 minutes on the pitch. His compatriot Weah always played, but for a total of 186 minutes and only on two occasions from the start (but he never finished the 90 minutes either). Five tokens for Cambiaso, three times starter (and 3 times replaced), with his 258 minutes on the pitch second only to McKennie. Kostic made 4 appearances (three as a starter, always replaced), for a total of 193′, with Iling finishing the table with three substitutions and 89 actual minutes. A Juve with rotating sides, waiting for someone to become its master.