The opponents of the National Women’s Football Team in the EURO 2025 Qualifiers will be determined

The opponents of the National Women’s Football Team in the 2025 European Championship Qualifiers (EURO 2025) will be determined on Tuesday, March 5.

According to the statement made by the Turkish Football Federation (TFF), EURO 2025 will be played with 16 teams, including the host Switzerland, within the scope of the new format.

The teams’ places in the league stage of the championship qualifiers were also determined according to the results they achieved in the UEFA Women’s Nations League. The National Women’s Team, which won all 6 matches it played in the UEFA Nations C League, took part in the B League. In the EURO 2025 qualifiers, which consist of 3 leagues according to the ranking, there are 16 teams in A and B and 19 teams in League C.

The draw for the national team to participate in the 3rd pot in the B League will be held on Tuesday, March 5, at 15.00 CET at the UEFA Headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland. Turkey Women’s National Team Assistant Coach, Under-17 Women’s National Team Coach Begüm Üresin and Women’s National Teams Manager Koray Uzun will participate in the draw.

The teams will complete the league stage with the matches to be played in April and July. The ranking obtained at the end of the league stage will determine the position of the teams in the next Nations League.

16 teams in League A will try to take the first 2 places in their groups to be determined. The 8 teams that take the first 2 places will take part in EURO 2025 together with the host Switzerland.

The remaining 7 championship tickets will find their owners as a result of two rounds of play-off matches to be held in October-November-December.

In the first round of the play-offs, the 8 teams that finished 3rd and 4th in League A, the 5 teams that finished first in League C, and the 3 best second teams will face each other. The 8 teams that win the first round of the play-offs will advance to the second round.

The 4 group winners and the 2 best runners-up in the B League, including the National Women’s Team, will play the first round of the play-offs with the 2 second and 4 third teams in the B League, and the 6 winning teams will advance to the 2nd round.

A total of 14 teams that won the first round play-off matches will play second round play-off matches according to their league rankings in the second round. The 7 winning teams will have the right to play in the Women’s European Football Championship, which will be held in Switzerland between 2-27 July 2025.

The bags in the B League, which also includes Turkey, are as follows:

Bag 1:





Bag 2:

Bosnia and Herzegovina




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North Ireland



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