The Onlyfans star cheered on Hamas fighters and caused summer outrage – Playboy also broke the silence

Adult entertainment star Mia Khalifa’s statements published on the messaging service X caused an uproar.

Mia Khalifa (pictured) also scolds makeup mogul Kylie Jenner. Stella Pictures, AOP

Having come to the public from the field of adult entertainment Mia Khalifa, 30, publicly showed his support for Hamas fighters on the messaging service X (formerly Twitter). With his comments, Khalifa quickly found himself in the middle of an uproar.

Khalifa’s statements were reported by, among others, the New York Post.

– If you can look at the situation in Palestine without being on the side of the Palestinians, you are on the wrong side of apartheid. And history will prove this, Khalifa wrote over the weekend.

Apartheid refers to the racial oppression practiced in South Africa until the 1990s. Khalifa has already spoken against Israel before, calling it an apartheid state. In addition to America, the star’s own roots are in Lebanon.

Khalifa also urged Hamas fighters to turn their phones and take a picture horizontally. This sparked more discussion on social media.

Makeup mogul Kylie Jenner, who supported Israel with her Instagram account of 399 million followers, also got into the middle of the commotion. Khalifa scolds Jenner in X.

– The next person talking to Kylie Jenner could ask her opinion on geopolitical tensions in the Middle East.

If you don’t see the embed, you can view the comment in its entirety from here.

Khalifa also joked about the topic in his updates, some of which have already been removed from view.

In addition to the uproar he has caused, Khalifa has gotten into trouble with Playboy due to his outings. The adult entertainment giant has removed all content about Khalifa from its site.

– We announce our decision to end the cooperation between Playboy and Mia, including Mia’s Playboy channel on our platform. Mia has made repulsive and reprehensible comments, speaking in favor of the Hamas attack. Innocent men, women and children have died, the company announced.

Playboy removed all content about Khalifa from its platforms. Pierrick Rocher/, AOP

The Palestinian extremist organization Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel on Saturday morning. Israel declared martial law on Saturday. The country’s air force has also bombed Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.

The conflict that broke out on Saturday has been described as the biggest attack on Israel in decades. Numerous countries have condemned the attack by Hamas.

Source: New York Post, Daily Mail