The old man got a message from his “friend” and stepped straight into the trap

The police of Länsi-Uusimaa are investigating an online gambling scam that started with a Facebook message.

The police in Western Uusimaa are investigating a fraud in which a significant amount of money was taken from an elderly person in an online game scam that started with a Facebook message. All Over Press / Inka Soveri

The Länsi-Uusimaa police report on an incident that happened on Friday, February 16, as a result of which an elderly person lost a large amount of money.

In their announcement, the police state that last Friday the elderly man received a message on Facebook Messenger that seemed to come from his friend.

In the message, he was enticed to participate in an online game, which was said to offer significant sums of money.

According to the police, the elderly person was mistakenly asked to make confirmations through the bank’s identification application during the game. The victim did not suspect anything at first, but made the requested identifications.

– At some point, however, he began to suspect the activity and called a friend whose name the messages had originally come in, the police say in their release.

The truth was revealed when the friend had no information whatsoever about the online game or messaging in question. The police in Western Uusimaa say that criminals took up to 3,000 euros from an elderly person’s account.

Source: West Uusimaa police

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