The NHL club reacts to Topi Rönni’s rape accusation

19-year-old Topi Rönni was booked in Calgary a year ago.

Topi Rönni will remain out of Tappara’s operations for the time being. Vesa Pöppönen / All Over Press

The NHL club Calgary Flames reacts to the news revealed on Thursday night, which concerns the player it booked Top Rönni. On Thursday, Tampere’s Tappara announced that its player is suspected of rape, which happened two years ago.

The Flames booked Rönni just over a year ago. Now the Canadian club published a short announcement on its social media channels.

The release clarifies that the team did not know about the criminal suspicion when it reserved the player in the second round of 2022.

Rönni also played in the same summer’s training camp in the company of other reserved players. This year he didn’t have time to participate because of Tappara’s CHL games.

The Flames intend to take the matter seriously and monitor the progress of the criminal investigation and will not comment further on the matter. Rönni and Tappara also talk about the same policy in Tappara’s press release.

Rönni is currently absent from the Tampere team.

– The last two or so years have been difficult while waiting for the matter to progress. I trust that the related course of events will be clarified in connection with the trial, Rönni said in the press release published by Tappara.