The news of the king’s cancer puts William in a tight spot

Sanna-Mari Hovi highlights William’s role with King Charles’ cancer diagnosis.

Sanna-Mari Hovi considers it possible that relations between the royal family will improve with the diagnosis. EVENING PAPER

King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer. The matter was widely reported around the world on Monday evening.

Expert Sanna-Mari Hovi commented on the situation of the British court to Iltalehti. He states that the health concerns burdening the court are very unpleasant.

Buckingham Palace previously announced that it is not prostate cancer. In January, King Charles had to undergo treatment for an enlarged prostate. However, the palace has not said which cancer Charles has been diagnosed with.

Expert Hovi finds it interesting that the palace has not told what kind of cancer it is.

– The prostate issue is much less dramatic than cancer. It is a very common thing for older men and some find it embarrassing. I personally thought it was a great thing that Charles spoke openly about the problem. This does raise questions about whether it is a particularly serious cancer. It seems that now it is not a very “easy” cancer, Hovi thinks to Iltalehte.

Tough spot for William

According to the expert, a cancer diagnosis is a particularly hard place for a prince to William.

– This increases William’s pressure, because Charles’s most important tasks are now transferred to him. However, he also has the illness situation of his own spouse at home. William is not in the best situation, Hovi continues.

– William now, perhaps for the first time in his life, really has to be a real replacement for Charles and has to practice the king’s duties through something a little more boring, he adds.

Prince William of Wales therefore acts as his father’s assistant when the king himself is unable to hold office.

– In practice, there are many other persons in the royal family who can represent the king in place of, for example, some inaugurations or foundation events. For example, Prince Edward can take care of them.

– However, all the most significant events are Prince William’s responsibility. It has not yet been announced that the king is completely out of the game and the responsibility has been completely transferred to William.

Harry’s role

Prince Harry is traveling to London to visit his cancer-stricken father. It has been reported that he discussed the cancer diagnosis with his father personally.

Sanna-Mari Hovi considers it possible that health problems can somehow repair the inflamed gaps of the British court.

– Of course, it is very desirable that the arrival of Prince Harry does not cause a terrible media spectacle that disturbs the king’s chance to be at peace. Cancer is not a nice disease as a disease and a person usually needs peace, quiet and privacy in those situations. I hope Harry can arrange things like that.

– It sounds a little bad that Prince Harry is traveling to London immediately and quickly. It raises a lot of questions about Charles’ health: how bad is it? The court continues.

According to expert Hov, there is no special genetic predisposition to cancer in the British court. However, he reminds us that cancer research has developed considerably over the years.