Adjutants and hand disinfection are talking on social media.

    A new practice was seen at the castle celebrations this year, when the presidential couple cleaned their hands with disinfectant during the break from shaking hands.

    In addition to the new routine, the spectators were amused by the adjutants who distributed disinfectant to President Niinistö and Haukio at regular intervals.

    Now the president’s office tells which rules applied to the adjutants in question.

    – The presidential couple disinfects their hands about every hundred guests, the office of the president of the republic says.

    The adjutants standing behind the presidential couple therefore kept a record of the guests and gave the couple shaking hands disinfectant every hundred guests.

    The presidential couple occasionally turned to the adjutants to clean their hands. Mikko Huisko

    At the castle’s celebrations, efforts were also made to guarantee the health safety of the guests. The chancellery confirms that several hand disinfection stations for guests had been placed in the presidential palace.

    – It was one of the many measures to ensure the health safety of the event, the Office of the President of the Republic confirms.

    So the guests did not get the disinfectant served by the adjutants, but the new situation caused a lot of hilarity among the guests and the spectators.

    The new routine did not seem to hinder handshakes, as many guests were shaking hands immediately after disinfection. Mikko Huisko