The new mother councilor of Monza Francesca Dell’Aquila resigns

LAnd resignation of Francesca Dell’Aquila, municipal councilor of the Democratic Party in Monza and new mother, are in the news. The reason? She was not allowed to participate in the sessions remotely, coyes, he decided to give up his role.

Work and motherhood: Italy is not yet a country for mothers

The story of councilor Francesca Dall’Aquila: from birth to resignation

According to what emerged, in fact, in recent months the councilor had attempted to introduce the possibility of participating remotely in city council meetings, as happens in many other sectors and companies. But, as you explained, this was not possible.

“I gave birth in September and during the pregnancy I proposed to my group to recommend a revision of the regulation.” But the estimated timeframe was over a year. A time which, according to Dell’Aquila, was excessive. «I was told that it would be possible as part of a comprehensive review of the regulation, so in about a year». And he added. «Leaving an empty seat for months in the classroom it would not have been morally correct towards my commitment and those who elected me».

Francesca Dell’Aquila, councilor of the PD of Monza, a new mother who resigned because she was unable to participate in meetings remotely. Credit: Facebook

Francesca Dell’Aquila: «My choice, but forced»

Thus, a lunge on his resignation. «It was my choice, but forced. I would have expected a quicker reaction to break those old patterns that keep society stuck on the skin of women and children as happened for example with an agenda in Genoa and Turin.”

His proposal, in fact, had a very specific purpose: that «advisors to pregnant women first and mothers and fathers after the birth of the child, could carry out their public commitment remotely». But this was not possible, forcing her to take a step back.

The defense of the president of the city council: «No agenda was presented»

The criticism was immediate. The President of the Monza City Council, Cherubina Bertola, she justified herself. «It was not possible to think about the matter because no agenda was presented, perhaps the answer could be given by the party group leader. I am very sorry that councilor Dell’Aquila resigned but to say that she was forced is not correct».

And he explained. «The Municipality of Monza has used artisanal technologies in times of Covid. There was a specific need but to date it would not yet support remote participation. I also believe that reducing the role of the city councilor to council meetings alone is demeaningwe need to be in the area, ready to listen to citizens, not only in relation to maternity but also to other commitments, which must be taken into consideration”.

The national vice president of the Democratic Party also intervenes

Even the national vice president of the Democratic Party, Loredana Capone, commented on the news. «What happened in the Monza City Council is not acceptable. The time has come for all public forums to adapt their regulations to allow maternity to be reconciled with institutional commitments. And this must happen quickly and with simplified procedures. It must become an acquired right and not a concession».

He concluded thus. «No one should be forced to choose between their role as a parent and carrying out their public or private job because there are no conditions to be able to reconcileespecially today when, as we have seen, technologies help us work by shortening distances.”