The new Italians for Mancini: Tsadjout, Udogie, Okoli, Boloca

The role of the children of foreigners born in our country also enriches football: Gnonto and Kean are already established, now Tsadjout, Okoli, Boloca are arriving as well as outside Udinese…

In the AC Milan Spring, Frank Tsadjout was part of the 1999 brood, with Tommaso Pobega and Matteo Gabbia, but he didn’t make it to the first team. He has toured Italy and also a little bit of Europe, now that he is a boy but no longer a little boy he has settled in Cremona and scored two goals in the last two games, against Turin and Rome. His name is foreign, but only the roots of another continent remain: Tsadjout is Italian, born in Perugia where his parents, originally from Cameroon, had fallen in love as university students, pharmacy branch.