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    Will there be something about Permacrisis in the current issue? The questioning editor looks around expectantly, the current editorial meeting is almost over. He shouldn’t be disappointed, he was told, but there really wasn’t room for such obscure hardcore metal bands in the important annual review of the Musikexpress. But then later on the smoker’s balcony the twist: “Permacrisis” is – of course – not a music group, but a state, a state of permanent crisis.

    The renowned Collins Dictionary chose the term as the word of the year 2022. Each of us probably has more than a rough idea why this is so. And also in pop, especially in the event industry, the crisis summits were lined up this year. We don’t leave out all of this in our big annual review, but we still don’t feel like continuous crisis communication. So you will also find great records, nice events and cool things from the year in this issue. Permacrisis can tell us, may 2023 the word of the year be something like “permalucky bears”. The world deserved it.

    The Musikexpress 01/2023 – the topics at a glance:

    2022 – what a year that was!?

    After the crisis is before the crisis: The corona pandemic had barely seemed to be under control when Vladimir Putin thrust himself into the limelight and shocked the world with his absurd attack on Ukraine. It had been lying on the therapy sofa for a long time anyway. It’s good that we have our pop stars who openly take care of their mental health and offer us help with it. It’s also good that in our increasingly fragmented societies, with the bestsellers Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, there are finally identification figures again that everyone can agree on.

    We are also happy about the return of Queen Beyoncé and King Kendrick, who explained this crazy time to us in more detail with new masterpieces. And finally, finally, hip hop and not oldie rock was the focus of the SuperBowl halftime show. But we are still living in the era of Retromania and so classics by Kate Bush and Metallica also ruled the charts, and tens of thousands danced on the streets of Berlin again at a parade, which is no longer called the Love Parade. The top 3 of our resolutions for the new year: We’re going to more concerts again, leave the Ballermann at the Ballermann and dust off our CD collection. And anyway and always applies: NEVER AGAIN WAR!

    Alyona Alyona – Putin strengthens what he wanted to destroy

    A war in the heart of Europe. Weapons designed to end this war. Pop that helps organize national resistance. Acts like alyona alyona and kalush speaking and playing for their country – the aftermath of Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine has reversed some of the omens. The matter is complex. she is evil But she is no longer hopeless.

    Taylor Swift Midnight Drama

    Taylor Swift’s record-breaking album MIDNIGHTS shows: The world still wants a uber-pop star. Provided that the combination of authenticity and desire for change succeeds.

    The pictures 2022 – From the Oscar slap to the Queen to the Love Parade

    Another year that felt like a slap in the face in many ways. But also one that brought us together again, let us dance and celebrate together. You have to counter the madness with something. For example heavy metal straight from hell or gangsta rappers as family entertainment. The year in pictures.

    The lists 2022

    The books, the films, the series, the songs – but above all… the albums of the year.

    Also in the issue:

    • Self-timer: Julia Mateus
    • Topic interview: Jarvis Cocker on good (and bad) pop
    • 10 facts about Spongebob
    • Blind date with Ricarda Lang
    • Radar: Bulgarian Cartrader, Cavetown, Strange Boy, Malva & Bad Hammer
    • CD insert for subscribers with Dienerven, Wet Leg, Angel Olsen, Mitski, Porridge Radio, King Hannah, Black Country, New Road & The Düsseldorf Düsterboys

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