The most interesting match of EURO 2024! Ireland has a critical appointment with the Netherlands

An interesting match will be played in EURO 2024 European Qualifiers Group B. The match in which Ireland will host the Netherlands may go down in football history.

Because Ireland, which is in 4th place in the group with 6 points and has no chance of leaving the group, will have the possibility of going to EURO 2024 if they lose to the Netherlands, which is in 2nd place with 12 points. If Ireland loses to the Netherlands, they will have the right to play-off in the UEFA Nations League and have the chance to participate in the organization.

In order for Ireland to qualify for the play-offs, there must be no more than 7 teams above them in the Nations League standings but not automatically qualifying. The Netherlands is one of these teams, as they are in the Nations A League and are out of the automatic qualifications in the European qualifying groups. Ireland is an important factor for the Netherlands to overtake Greece, which is not automatically ahead of them.

Ireland are ranked higher than Greece in the Nations League and will overtake them in the play-offs. That’s why Ireland needs to lose to the Netherlands. If Ireland wins, it will not be possible for the Netherlands to surpass Greece. This will close Ireland’s path to the play-offs.