The most famous jewelry brands and their rings, the most beautiful earrings I IODwoman

Qwhat jewelry should i have? Hoop earrings, a rigid bracelet, a colorful necklace: these are some of the precious items that are easy to combine with any look and that never go out of style. To choose the right ones the important thing is to focus on most famous jewelry brands.

The jewels that never go out of fashion

There are precious items that do not feel the passage of time, which can be worn without taking into account the occasion and the season. They are those iconic pieces that are always in trend.

Like the classics hoop earringsmany loved by the stars, one above all Jennifer Lopez, and this season proposed by Giovanni Raspini in the “Jackie” collection in gilded silver.

On the left, earrings from the “Genesi” collection in pink gold with diamonds and white ceramic GISMONDI 1754. On the right, rings from the “Velaa Star” collection in orange gold and diamonds and in white gold and diamonds ANNAMARIA CAMMILLI.

Another timeless piece are the band rings in white or yellow gold embellished with diamonds. Like those protagonists of the Velaa Star Collection by Annamaria Cammilli.

Fashion jewelry: gold, diamonds and color

Famous jewelry brands

There are brands that guarantee a brilliance that knows no sunsets. Among the best known in the world Swarovski and his iconic crystalswho for the Autumn-Winter season choose the color, with an Eighties flavor, the maxi “Lucent” bottle green earrings.

There are many jewels that focus on nuances of different shades and all on, like the “Over the Rainbow” rings with hydrothermal quartz by Rossoprezioso or the “Mattonelle” necklace by Gerardo Sacco with tesserae by zirconia.