The most exclusive nudist beaches in the world

From rocky shores to powdery sands, from large city bays to secluded spots, there are hundreds of beaches around the world where it is perfectly legal to sunbathe and swim with absolutely nothing covering your body.

Although it is still taboo in many regions, leaving clothes aside on the beach has become a common practice throughout the world, a growing trend in recent times.

According to Nicky Hoffmanneditor-in-chief of the magazine Nude & Nature and co-author of “The World’s Best Nude Beaches & Resorts” (“The best nudist beaches and resorts in the world”), the nudist movement It took off in Europe and North America during the first half of the 20th century, with urban parks, campgrounds, and eventually beaches for those who wanted to experience natural nudity in its most natural state.

The socially and sexually liberal 1960s in the Western world fueled a movement that saw the proliferation of nudist beaches in much of the planet. And although it has waned at times, the last decade has seen its popularity rise, with more beaches of this type appearing each year.

Cap d’Agde beach, France

Called the “Naked City”, Cap d’Agde Naturist Village It is the largest nude beach resort in the world. It is estimated that 40,000 guests arrive per day during the high season. The many visitors are free to be naked wherever they want: restaurants, shops, even sailing naked on their yacht or lounging on the long public beach, where nudism is mandatory.

Zipolite Beach, Oaxaca, Mexico

Zipolite Beach

Many scenes from the film “And Your Mother Too”made by Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, were recorded on the renowned Mexican nudist beach. Powered by Mexican and American hippies during the 1960s, the beach stretches for about two kilometers with rocky cliffs at either end, and is famous as a hotspot for nudism.

Little Maui Beach, Hawaii, United States

Little Maui Beach, Hawaii, United States

Surrounded by ancient lava flows and backed by a volcanic cinder cone, the beach located in the peaceful Hawaiian Islands is a paradise destination for international nudists. Part of Makena State Parkon the southeast coast of the island, overlooks a national marine sanctuary famous for its turtles, dolphins, whales, and tropical fish.

Es Cavallet beach, Ibiza, Spain

Es Cavallet beach, Ibiza, Spain

Situated between the deep blue Mediterranean and multicolored salt flats, near the southernmost point of Ibiza, Es Cavallet nudist beach is divided into several different sections, including a party club area, a gay section, and a more secluded middle section. where the nudist crowds hang out. Recognized as one of the most traditional nudism centers in Europe.

Red Beach, Crete, Greece

Red Beach, Crete, Greece

On the southern side of the island of Crete, the resort is a popular spot for nude sunbathing in Greece. Named for the ocher color of its sand and cliffs, its activity was promoted by European hippies during the 1960s. The beach offers chair and umbrella rental and is home to a small and original bar called Yiannis, famous for its mojitos.

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