The Mossos d’Esquadra debut a new uniform this Friday

Three decades later, the Mossos d’Esquadra will premiere on Friday new uniform, according to ‘El Nacional’ and was able to confirm ACN. The change will affect the citizen security units those that are at street level. The uniform will maintain the identifying colors of the body, blue, red and white, but with a dark blue and much more modern than the current one.

The presentation of the new equipment will take place this Friday in Manresa. The uniform maintains the colors of the current one but in the case of the blue becomes dark instead of sky, similar to that used by other divisions of the body such as that of the riot gear.

The change comes but it will not be complete: new clothes are not available for all policemen, so the new clothes she will live with the old woman for a while. The Department of the Interior It has been decided to formalize the change without waiting any longer.

More than aesthetics

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The chief commissioner of the Mossos, Edward Salent, has announced this change in a internal communication. The leader has transferred to the police force that it is about transmitting a more important message than an aesthetic change.

“The citizen security is at the center of our priorities, which we want it to have the most appropriate means to do its task”, says Sallent. In this sense, he stresses that the change will be accompanied by improvements in bulletproof vest, personal recording cameras, the tasers, the digital tablets to identify the new stations and the new cars With its corresponding labeling, also new.