The Moroccan Police frustrates an attempt to jump over the Ceuta fence

Moroccan Police has arrested 59 sub-Saharan migrants this Sunday between the towns of Tetuán and Castillejos when they were preparing to launch a massive attempt to jump the Ceuta border fence, according to what the Moroccan authorities have reported.

A group of Sub-Saharans has gathered this morning Sunday with the intention of crossing the borderbut were intercepted when they were heading from Tetuán to Castillejosa border town with Ceuta, according to the Moroccan news portal

The migrants carried iron objects and material to facilitate the climbing of the border fence. The authorities have confirmed 59 arrests that have made it possible to thwart the jump.

The operation has been coordinated by the Tetouan Police Headquarters and the General Directorate of Surveillance of the National Territory has participated in it. A judicial investigation has been opened into the facts to try to clarify all the possible ramifications of this attempt.

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These arrests around Ceuta occur after nearly 2,000 sub-Saharan immigrants staged a violent assault on the fence that separates Morocco from the Spanish city of Melilla last Friday.

At least 23 immigrants died in the assault, according to official Moroccan sources, although humanitarian organizations warn that the death toll may be higher.