The Modàs return to Sanremo with the song “Lasciami”.

“THEThe heart is already racing. Next stop Ariston Theater ». So on Instagram the Fashion they share the excitement for theirs return to the Sanremo Festival with the song Leave me. One of the most awaited returns: in fact, ten years have passed since Kekko Silvestre, Enrico Zapparoli, Diego Arrigoni, Stefano Forcella and Claudio Dirani performed at the Festival, conquering third place with If you could not die. But it’s also the best way to celebrate i 20-year musical career of the group. And for Kekko Silvestre, voice of the band, it represents much more.

I Modà in Sanremo 2023 with leave me

«After ten years we return to Sanremo. It will be awesome» write the five artists on Instagram. Which, after a period of hiatus, return to make the most romantic dream come true from the most famous stage in Italy. «Many things have come from this stage, it has always brought good results» says Kekko Silvestre to Amadeus introducing the new song, Leave me. A song that the band recommends listening to at a precise moment of the day: “the moment when you close your eyes and go to sleep”. That is “the moment when you need to look inside, look at what you did today and what you will do tomorrow,” explains the singer. Who doesn’t hide the emotion of returning to Ariston: «After ten years you can go back with all the experience you want but it’s always zero to zero, start a new game». After all, this is a return awaited not only by the fans but also by the band itself who, after 20 years of career and 10 since the last Sanremo and the most famous album, Joywants to return to the protagonist of the Italian music scene.

The career of the Modàs

It was the year 2000 when Francesco (Kekko) Silvestre began to lay the foundations of a musical group. We are in Cassina de’ Pecchi, in the province of Milan. This is where the idea of ​​the Modà was born. An idea that materialized in 2002 when the group was officially formed in Milan. The group arrives immediately in Sanremo: in 2005, in fact, participate in the event with Can you fall in love with me. “They eliminated us right away on prime time,” recalls Silvestre. But success is around the corner and comes in 2011 with Long live the romantics, album that sells thousands of copies and conquers the public with songs like I am already alone And The night. In the same year the Modà also conquered Sanremo: in fact, they win second place with Will arriveduet with Emma.

The success is repeated two years later, in 2013, when Kekko Silvestre and his band they win the third place in Sanremo with If you could not die. In the same year, one of the most famous albums, Joy. Followed, a few years later, by Cursed passion And Heads or tails, the band’s latest album dating back to 2019. Then the stop. And now, ten years later, the return to the Ariston. A real gift to romantics, as they call fans and followers on Instagram, who have never forgotten the music of Modà. And that only marks the beginning of their comeback on the music scene. In fact, the band’s tour starts on March 27th with stops in Milan, Rome, Turin, Bologna, Florence and Bari.

The duet with The Vibrations

For the evening of duets, the Modàs will perform together with Le Vibrazioni on the notes of come to me, one of Francesco Sarcina’s most famous successes. A non-random choice: the song that became famous among the very young was released in 2003 and this year it celebrates its 20th birthday. And there was no better way to celebrate than singing along with Modà on the Sanremo stage. Two bands together on the same stage, therefore. “We are the ones who share the responsibility of advancing the role of bands in music. Now the Maneskins have arrived too. We represent the music played» explains Kekko Silvestre alla Southern Gazette.

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Kekko Silvestre and the fight against depression

And, precisely for Kekko Silvestre, the return to Ariston with the Modàs has a meaning that goes beyond the profession and music. Before the spotlights turn on the 73rd edition of the Festival, the singer told himself in an interview with Corriere della Sera. Explaining that the title of the song, leave meis not only a reference to a finite love, but also to depression from which he has suffered in recent years. «I woke up and could not bend my legs. I feared it might be a degenerative disease. A neurologist visited me and diagnosed me with depression,” says the singer. That he also had a fight with panic attacks before concerts. «I went on denying, showing myself strong. I built up too much and my brain finally blocked my physique. Depression is a dark evil that does not show itself and lives inside you».

It was the drugs that saved him, but also the love for his family and for music. “I’m not cured. But I know being on the couch won’t help me,” he says. Hence the choice to return to Sanremo. An act due also to the fans who have never forgotten the Modà. “We’re going to let our unfollowed fans know that we’re back.”