The messages in Messi’s playlist

One day after debut in the DRV PNK Stadium in view of Royal Salt Lakethe list of favorite songs of the captain of the Inter Miami. Manzanawhich has the television rights of the MLS and sponsors the American soccer league, published on social networks the exclusive Playlist with the most listened to songs by Lionel Messi.

“There is no doubt that what Lionel Messi what you can do with a soccer ball on your feet is out of this world. But one thing that makes him the same as the rest of us is his love of music, from Latin pop and rock to the reggae and cumbia of his native Argentina. “This exclusive playlist is inspired by the GOAT when you are looking to focus,” the platform described. Apple Music on their website with the listing called: Messi: Warm-up.

“For as long as I can remember, music has played an important role in my life, especially on match days. “Music calms my mind, it helps me stay calm and relaxed,” the athlete announced through the American App.

The reactions, from the footballer’s users and followers, were immediate. “2024 and the guy with the 8 golden balls starts training with ‘Slowly’“, commented user Rombeyy, referring to the hit by Luis Fonsi and the awards of the Golden Ball for Best Footballer of the Year obtained throughout his career.


Many users did not agree with the musical choices of player 10 of the national team. “Just because it’s you Leo, if you were anyone else I would have killed you” or “God gave him the best feet in history and punished him with the worst ears”, were some of the posts that stood out the most in X’s thread.


Also highlighted in the comments was the musical rivalry of the Latin American urban rhythm genre between Thunder and Featherweight. The Inter Miami athlete chose the Mexican musician and former partner of the singer in his Playlist Nicki Nicole.


Of course, memes could not be missing from X’s thread. Referring to The Simpsons, where Homer imagine in his thoughts a bizarre situation starring his wife, a user compared the image of that fragment of the episode with the musical criteria of the world soccer star.


Among the rhythms heard on the list, is the quartet of The K’onga with the song ‘Ya no Volveres’, or, the hit of the summer, ‘La Morocha’, by Luck Ra and BM. Latin music classics, such as Luis Fonsi, Juanes and Celia Cruz are also part. Artists like Featherweight, Bizarrap, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, María Becerra and Maluma They dominate the playlist of the Rosario star in various positions.

As for English-speaking rock and pop hits, Messi chose the classic ‘Highway to Hell’ by AC/DC, ‘Vertigo’ by U2, ‘Feel Godd Inc.’ by Gorillaz, ‘Don’t stop the Music’ by Rihanna and ‘Viva la Vida’ by Coldplay. A true variety of sounds, of wide taste.

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