01/27/2023 at 12:02


    The opposition sees it unaffordable to defend now that the region has been subjected to 55 undeclared zepas. They demand that the Board apologize and assume its responsibilities for “such a big botch”

    “It’s not the fault of the judges, it’s the politicians”. The three opposition groups have shown their direct rejection of the PSOE’s proposed law to save Marina Isla de Valdecañas and circumvent the ruling that the Supreme Court handed down in February 2022 ordering the total demolition of the complex for having been built in a protected area. . The text will continue its parliamentary process thanks to the absolute majority of the PSOE, which has knocked down in plenary session this Thursday the amendments to the entirety presented by the PP, Ciudadanos (Cs) and United by Extremadura to stop a “botch” for which they consider that the Board has to assume responsibilities and apologize to all Extremadurans.

    The Socialists argue that Valdecañas is part of a list of 55 Special Protection Areas for Birds (Zepas) that were thought to be classified as such, but do not have an official statement proving it. An approach that for the opposition is “unassumable” at this point and that also opens the door to “a judicial tidal wave of incalculable consequences” for the claims of farmers, hunters or businessmen who for more than 20 years would have been subject to the limitations of a regulation of Zepa zones that did not really exist.

    Such a huge legal botch has not been presented or will ever be presented in this parliament“, said the spokesperson for Ciudadanos, Fernando Baselga. The leader of United for Extremadura, Michael’s Irenehas even accused the socialists of prevaricate for adapting the laws “to the particular interests of the promoters (of the complex)” instead of abiding by court rulings. And the PP, which on this issue has always gone hand in hand with the PSOE, has considered the consensus broken. “Our full support for the project goes ahead. During all this time we have been by your side, but we can’t participate in a botch like thissaid the deputy Bibiano Serrano to the socialist caucus.

    Amendments to the entirety

    United, the PP and Cs They have coincided in considering the text a “botch”, but with different approaches and nuances in each case. The PP and Cs have reiterated their support for the complex: they have focused on criticizing the lack of legal protection of 55 Zepas and above all, that the Board “has taken 25 years to realize”.

    Serrano, from the PP, has even asked the resignation of the Minister of Ecological Transition, Olga García, who has always defended the existence of these Zepas in the Assembly rostrum, and also “that the current mayor of Don Benito stay away from politics”, jose louis quintanaMinister of Agriculture and the Environment between 2003 and 2007 and in his opinion “confessed author of the facts”.

    United for Extremadura, for its part, reminded the PSOE the obligation to comply with court rulings. “Assume that they were wrong and that Valdecañas is a failed project that is leading them to a dead end,” said her spokeswoman, Irene de Miguel. She affirms that the law proposal is “a clear and scandalous illegality” because the PSOE “knows perfectly” that when these Zepas declared themselves in 2003, it was only necessary to communicate it to the European Union. “It is not until four years later that the procedure is updated in a subsequent law that requires more regulated procedures,” she explained.

    “Legal security”

    Faced with these arguments, the socialist spokesperson, Lara Garlitohas defended that it is a “responsible and courageous” law for the progress of Extremadura, against the approach of the opposition of “Do nothing and let chaos rule.”

    Its objective is to give “legal security” to those 55 Zepas that do not have an official declaration, which would now be expressly classified within the Natura 2000 Network. By not having such a declaration until now, the validity of all the resolutions is maintained. firm relative to licenses, projects, plans and management instruments that have been affected at this time. Thus, it would be allowed to keep standing the buildings that are already built in Valdecañas (do not continue building, because from the approval of the bill it would officially be a Zepa).

    Garlito has defended that Valdecañas has had a very favorable impact on the areawhich now has a richer and more diverse environment than the one that existed before, and which has also proven to be “a great tool against depopulation” for the employment and development it has generated. “If we want people to live in our towns, people need work”has said.

    The socialist spokeswoman has especially uglyed the position of the PPto which has repositioned next to UI to champion the PSOE as the only party that to this day continues to be against the demolition of Valdecañas. As he has said, to stop the demolition, once the bill is approved in the Assembly (now it must go through the process of appearances in commission and partial amendments), the Board will declare the project of public interest.