The Kick-off: Zoetebier and Buys fear for FC Volendam’s premier league title

Thanks to the 2-0 victory over FC Volendam, Ajax has moved out of last place in the Premier League. Former professionals Edwin Zoetebier and Maurice Buys have no doubt that the Amsterdammers are slowly crawling out of the valley. Both Volendam players are less optimistic tonight in the football talk show De Aftrap about the chance that FC Volendam will be able to maintain itself. Buys: “I think Volendam will have a very difficult time.”

“They have more points than last season. In that respect they are doing well,” Zoetebier starts positively. “But if you look at what is around Volendam… yes, those clubs do not belong there. If you look at the clubs you should look at, they are further away from you,” the former goalkeeper answers the question whether the FC has managed to maintain itself this season.

Buys is also concerned. “If NEC starts to win away at AZ, it will be disadvantageous for Volendam. And when you see Zwolle and Heracles play, there is more football in it than you would expect from promoted teams. You will soon have to keep two teams under you.”

Naturally, De Afkick is about Bas Dost, who suddenly collapsed during AZ-NEC, and the newly appointed Ajax coach, John van ‘t Schip, who experienced Zoetebier up close when the goalkeeper was selected for the Dutch team and Van ‘t Schip was assistant national coach. used to be.

Intern Telstar

This season, Zoetebier is doing an internship as a goalkeeper coach at Telstar. The Velsen team are disappointingly seventeenth in the Premier League and were thrown out of the KNVB Cup by GVVV. “If you look at our first five games, we were certainly not inferior. We did not score easily, but we were the superior party. When I see that, I think things will turn out well towards the end of the season.”

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