The police have made an investigation into the Keuruu rally death.

    Keuruu saw a sad rally accident in August. The picture is not related to the case. PDO

    The Internal Finland Police Department has completed an investigation into the Keuruu rally death in accordance with the Preliminary Investigation Act. In the Keuruu Rally Cup organized in August 2022, a map reader died in a run-out. Based on the investigation, there is no reason to suspect a crime in the case.

    The exit took place on a special test in a right-hand bend. The car had started to toss and turn as a result of too much correction movement after a driving error in the corner. After this, the car had driven to the left side of the ditch at the end of the bend, hit a pile of wood on the spot and collided with a tree on the ditch embankment.

    A lot of footage has been obtained from the scene, based on which it can be concluded that the speed of the accident car does not differ from the speed used by other competitors at the scene.

    The car had extensive damage, and the roof had been cut off to enable rescue operations. The vehicle was in a condition that met the requirements of the FIA/AKK, passed the inspection, and had safety bars of the level required in AKK competitions.

    The head of the investigation has made a decision in the case, according to which there is no reason to suspect a crime and, in this case, no preliminary investigation will be conducted.

    Source: Police bulletin