The influences of the Full Moon in Leo on Sunday 5 February

AND the full Moon in Leo on Sunday 5 February is powerful. Torn between the Aquarian yearning for freedom and the centralizing energy of the Fire sign. There is something lacerating in this synergy. A roar interrupted by the wind, by the gust of air that moves the flame further. Towards becoming.

The constellation of Leo, table taken from “Atlas Coelestis” (1729) by John Flamsteed (photo Ipa).

AND infuriates the sign of Fire, generous, bold, so pleased by his majesty that he doesn’t see the risk of raising the bar too much. An alternation of voices runs through the leonine identity. The fear of not being up to it and feeling the strongest, the best.

The Sun in Aquarius plays on the opposite side of the Moon in Leo. He is not interested in being closed in the frame of a shot. Or in the golden frame of others’ admiration. This fixity oppresses him, as already happened with Capricorn, a sign that he precedes him and that he has tried to block him between rules and control. But he slipped into the wind one night and flew out of the tight grip of duty. Leaving behind the method and labors of earthly belonging.

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The Aquarium is an open space, a free field, a breakneck race that frees itself from the tight leash of a suffocating repetitiveness. The Air sign dissolves everything. Turn the scenario upside down, shift the lens towards the others. Towards more. Power falls from the leonine pedestal and becomes the desire to change, the possibility of moving and going further. To transform the world.

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