The Idol: the series arrives with style icon Lily-Rose Depp

dtwo protagonists very popular with younger audiences, a director much loved by Gen Z, an aesthetic that is impossible to resist. These are the premises of The IdolHBO series arriving today on Sky and NOW, created and directed by Sam Levinson with The Weeknd And Lily-Rose Depp. An ambitious and unconventional project that despite the criticisms and slating promises to be one of the most talked about shows of the summer. If the Canadian singer engages in an area hitherto unknown to him, one of nepo babies most successful in the industry consolidates her career as an actress and her reputation as a fashionista. She thanks to a minimal but impressive look and a French taste that is anything but traditional.

All about The Idol

After the farewell to the Roy family of Successionis another series HBO extensionsigned by Sam Levinson, to apply for the summer show. Thanks to a very captivating atmosphere and aesthetics – as it was for Euphoria, Levinson’s first great success – and an extraordinary cast. Protagonists are in fact The Weekndborn Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, here also as co-creator and co-executive producer, and Lily-Rose Deppborn in 1999, illustrious progeny of Johnny Depp And Vanessa Paradise, former model and testimonial. Depp plays Jocelyn, a young singer struggling with hospitalizations, mourning and an attempt to get back on the scene, a desire that will be helped (or hindered?) by the meeting with Tedros Tedros, mysterious manager and leader of a secret sect, played by The Weeknd. Previewed at the last Cannes Film Festival, the series has collected many criticisms and perplexities, causing scandal due to extreme scenes and excessive sexualization, especially of female characters. Nothing new for Levinson, used to surprise and shock. The show debuts tonight exclusively on Sky and streaming on NOW.

Lily-Rose Depp between sheath dresses, sequins and Chanel

If in The Idol its Jocelyn sports revealing bodysuits, hot pants and crop tops that leave little to the imagination, on the red carpet Lily-Rose Depp embodies a much more classic and exquisitely French taste, which does not disdain contemporary accents and unexpected combinations. On the red carpet of the last Festiva dl Cannes, the French-American actress has identified a passe-partout item: the sheath dress. Slightly flared and anything but form-fitting, with thick shoulder straps or strapless, with sheer tights or bare legs, the Sixties-inspired dress is synonymous with a young, fresh femininity that knows how to be sexy or cheeky. In total black or covered in sequins.

Cannes 2023: Ashley Graham opulent, Lily-Rose already a diva, Eva Herzigova metallic

Many of the most memorable fashion moments in Lily-Rose Depp’s career are related to Chanel. After closing the Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017 show on the arm of Karl Lagerfeld, Depp has become the spokesperson for a new generation of Chanel women. As? Ranging between archive look (always highly sought after online) and unpublished creations, including shades of roseits most worn color, and timeless black. To the Met Gala 2019, for example, Lily-Rose enchanted thanks to the total black dress covered with golden chains and jewel detail, while at the Venice Film Festival of the same year she opted for a silk chiffon bustier dress with coordinated scarf. The most successful synthesis between Depp’s and Chanel’s aesthetics was seen at the Met Gala 2021, in an outfit with a low-waisted skirt and crop top covered in rhinestones and 3D flowers, in shades of pink and black.

Three Chanel looks sported by Lily-Rose Depp. From left: Met Gala 2021, Cannes Film Festival 2023, Met Gala 2019

Vintage passion

In everyday life as on the red carpet, Lily-Rose Depp loves to experiment, always in perfect balance between past And present. It thus ranges from coordinated sets by Jean Paul Gaultier to low-waisted cargo pants, up to 90s-style Levi’s 501 jeans. Effect denim shorts used they coexist with pleated skirts in the iconic Burberry pattern, total black outfits are elevated by colored It Bags by Vivienne Westwood, polka dot bustier tops alternate with printed slip dresses. Between flats, sneakers and slingbacks.

After The IdolLily-Rose Depp is a candidate to become a style icon of the next generation, between high fashion and archival research.