The ice between Buse Varol and Alişan has melted!

The beautiful actress from the couple of singer Alişan and actress Buse Varol, who has been wandering over their marriage for a while and has not fallen from the magazine’s agenda with separation claims, came to the fore with the sharing she made by tagging her husband. Those who saw the sharing made comments that the ice between the two had melted.

It has been known that dark clouds have been hovering over their marriage for a while, Alişan and Buse Varol, who got married in 2018 and took their son Burak in their arms a year later and their daughter Eliz in 2021.

Buse Varol, one of the couple, who denied the separation allegations at every opportunity, drew attention with a share she made from her social media account, which she actively uses.

“There was no need, my dear”

Varol, who got into a toy car with his children and took a picture of these moments from the mirror and posted them on his Instagram story, wrote “There was no need, my dear” and tagged his wife Alişan. The famous singer did not remain indifferent to this and included his wife’s share on his own page.

This sharing of 31-year-old Buse Varol was interpreted by social media users as melting the ice between the beloved couple.

On the other hand, Alişan, who did not fall on the agenda of the magazine with the news that she had a difficult time in her marriage, was reflected in the lenses while shopping for school with her nephews in Etiler.

“He wears the ring from time to time”

Reminding that Varol, who took off her ring before, wore her wedding ring again, the singer explained, “He wears the ring from time to time, there is nothing related to it.”

Alişan, who does not want to talk about her private life, smiling when asked about her husband’s image change, “We are used to it now, there is nothing to do; she dyes her hair long, short or different colors. What can I say?” he said, walking away from where he was.