If they are followers of ‘Game of Thrones’will remember: that historic battle of Winterfell in which the hosts of Daenerys Targaryen Y Jon Snow they fought against the army of the King of the Night. A colossal television show that, however, was the subject of heated controversy on the networks given the gloomy darkness of the episode, which forced us to squint our eyes to distinguish the details among so much darkness. Two and a half years later, the controversy of extreme darkness has returned in full force to the universe created by George RR Martin, this time with the seventh episode of ‘The house of the dragon’broadcast at dawn from Sunday to Monday, with many fans of the series flying into a rage at not being able to differentiate the characters in certain sequences or not understanding what was happening on the screen. “Nothing seen”is the best possible summary of his anger.

    Interestingly, or rather the contrary, the episode in question has as Miguel Sapochnik as director and Fabian Wagner as director of photography, who were also responsible for that ‘The Long Night’ of ‘Game of Thrones’. Already in his day, Sapochink defended the darkness as a completely intentional artistic and narrative element in the development of the story: “It made sense that this was the last hope of humanity, the last beacon of light, and we needed an environment according to that “. And HBO Max itself alleged this Monday that the darkness of the chapter of ‘The House of the Dragon’ was due to artistic reasons. “The dim lighting of the night scene in ‘House of the Dragon’ that you see dark on your screen is a purposeful creative decision“, responded the chain of ‘streaming’ through its Twitter account.