In his podcast, Ruud de Wild asks Kroon, who has been nominated for TV talent of the year at the Gouden Televizier-Ring, whether he has any brothers or sisters. “I am an only child, but was once a twin,” says the actor who forms a set with Holly Mae Brood. He adds: “In the belly I am the only one who survived and my zodiac sign is twin.”

    He sometimes missed the presence of a brother or sister. “When my parents separated and I was fifteen, I was jealous of classmates who all had brothers and sisters. I also really enjoyed coming there. I was sorry that I don’t have or know that: a brother-sister relationship. Especially at that time. Then I was alone in my attic. I would have loved to share it with someone.”

    For a long time he did not talk about his home situation and the many quarrels at home with friends at school. ,,I do not know why. I don’t think I dared. That’s still in me. I’m not a very easy talker. You have to get close to me before I really show the back of my tongue. I remember very well, when I was once in a playground at school with friends and I told how things went at my house. Then a friend of mine said it wasn’t normal for your parents to argue. And that’s how I found out that it wasn’t supposed to be like that. Only then did I dare to talk about my parents arguing with each other.”

    The divorce was not difficult for Kroon, who this year played the role of Jesus in The Passion. “I was glad they were getting a divorce. After that it was a kind of relief,” he says. He still has almost daily contact with his mother. The bond with his father is also good, but he talks less about it. That is because father Kroon has moved to Portugal.

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