The Havixhorst in the Schiphorst is once again the setting for the ratings hit De Verraders. Singer Marco Schuitmaker and actress Nienke Plas spotted

Château hotel and restaurant De Havixhorst in the Schiphorst once again forms the setting for the (television) program De Verraders. The recordings of the game show with famous Dutch people as participants are in full swing.

The Havixhorst was also the setting for the popular program in March last year. It was a Halloween special for the streaming service Videoland, presented by Frank Evenblij. Well-known Dutch people are once again participating in the new season. Singer Marco Schuitmaker, program maker and radio DJ Sander Lantinga, YouTuber and actress Nienke Plas and entrepreneur Olcay Gulsen were reportedly spotted.

De Verraders first aired on television on RTL4 in 2020. The first season attracted an average of 2.1 million viewers. The program has now been sold to BBC England, NBC America and VTM Belgium. In the program, a group of candidates compete for a silver treasure that can amount to up to 50 kilos of silver. These silver bars can be earned during assignments. After each episode one candidate is eliminated.


Marc Pos, creator and producer of De Verraders, previously called De Havixhorst a ‘gem’: “We immediately had a good feeling about De Havixhorst, a gem. We did not hesitate for long about the location. We were looking for a beautiful castle villa-like place. A location with many interior spaces, but also a place with sufficient landscape. De Havixhorst has it all. There is a large forest and meadows surrounding the building where various assignments are carried out. The environment is really being used.”


There are traitors among the participants. They pit the group members against each other and ‘kill’ a fellow candidate every night. The other participants, the loyal ones, do not know who the traitors are. They must try to expose them as quickly as possible. Before a faithful person is ‘murdered’ at night, a potential traitor must first be voted out at the Round Table. Ultimately, three finalists compete for the silver treasure.

It is not yet known when the program that is currently being recorded will be broadcast.