The hacker group Anonymous declared war on Russia

The hacker group Anonymous says its goal is to bring down the Russian administration’s websites.

The members of the Anonymous group will act anonymously as the name implies. Adobe Stock / AOP

A party has joined the war in Ukraine – namely the Anonymous Hacker Group. The group says it has crashed several Russian government websites as well as the website of the state-owned news channel RT.

Anounymous released on Thursday With their Twitter account an article in which it says it will rise up against Russia as a target of the Russian government.

– As a collective, we just want peace in the world. We want a future for all of humanity., Anonymous writes.

The news Business Insider According to Anonymous, the sites run down include sites by the Russian government, the Kremlin, the Duma and the Ministry of Defense.

The hacker group also launched decentralized denial-of-service attacks against Russian ISPs. RT’s site has been in variable operation and down since the attacks began.

Anonymous tweeted on Friday he toppled the pages of the Russian defense ministry.

Ukraine has been the subject of a number of cyber-attacks aimed at paralyzing state administration sites and the country’s banks. Director of Research at F-Secure Mikko Hyppönen told Tivi on Thursday that it was clear that Russia was behind the attacks.