Lhe lacked management. But from tonight Cristiano Malgioglio fills this “gap” by making his debut as host of his first show, My home is your homeprime time on Rai 2 at 21.20. An informal, domestic program that fully reflects the style of the songwriter and lyricist: refined mind, easy going, housewife soul (as he puts it). It means, between a blow of the iron or a blow with the vacuum cleaner, he fully dressed (probably in solid color velvet of bright and always different colors) welcomes the most VIP guests into his hypothetical home.

    An appointment that will accompany us on Wednesday evenings for five evenings until January 4th. We leave tonight with Heather Parisi And Sam Ryderlively and charming English singer second place in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Glam and laughter guaranteed.

    My home is your home

    The format of the program seems successful: these are interviews with great personalities of the show who tell each other with an open heart, without filters and formalisms. To help them feel at ease, an intimate location was chosen, which is precisely the host’s home.

    But it is not the real one of Cristiano Malgioglio (he lives in Milan, while the broadcast has already been recorded in Rome). Instead, it is a luxurious apartment, large enough to be transformed into a television studio, adapted to the colorful and eccentric style of Malgioglio. It is enriched with showcases and surprises ready to enliven meetings with the various guests.

    Cristiano Malgioglio pays homage to Raffaella Carrà

    The acronym of the program is called Raffaellaand is clearly a tribute to Carràdisappeared in the summer of 2021. It is sung by Malgioglio himself together with the Varry BravaSpanish indie pop group that presented the song at the last Eurovision Song Contest Raffaella.

    Cristiano Malgioglio at “Such and which show”. (Getty Images)

    But this is not the only tribute to our National Raffa. Just the format My home is your homein fact, is inspired by the Spanish program Mi casa es la tuya which inspired, in turn, You start tellingthe last program conducted by Carrà in 2019, suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic and then canceled due to the death of the legendary icon.

    Now Malgioglio, in love with Carrà, and with Almadovarian Spain in strong colors, proposes it again, adapting it to his style.

    Who is Malgioglio: lyricist, “father” of three children, lover of beauty

    Brilliant songwriter and lyricist, Malgioglio is an institution, not just in the entertainment world. Author of some of the most beautiful voices that the music world remembers (from Mina to Giuni Russo, from Adriano Celentano to Iva Zanicchi, Marcella Bella, Loretta Goggi, Patty Pravo), has signed unforgettable songs also for their ironic irreverence (see Chocolate ice cream).

    “Stage Animal” with his put eccentric (so bizarre as to be irresistible), ironic, self-deprecating, sharp, gently argumentative, in recent years he has made himself known above all as a television personality, a The Republic of Women by Piero Chiambretti, competitor of theIsland of the famouscompetitor and columnist of the Big Brother Vipnow judge of Such and which show.

    Lover of beauty, reluctant like real divas to declare her ageis a man of another century, a lover of beauty and young people. He is engaged to a 38-year-old man (less than half his age), looks like a Turkish nutritionist. But the mystery that hovers over this relationship serves to fuel the charm of Malgioglio, a character who is always in the spotlight, but very little is known about his private life.

    Revealed in the past to have adopted (not formally) three Cuban boys (known, it is said, while he was tied to a Cuban in fact), Omara, William and Riccardo. “They live in Cuba. It’s a choice I made many years ago, which I’ve never advertised. Now they are adults, I am proud to have helped them grow up », she said. But this belongs to the sphere of private “secrets” that give prestige to the VIP character.