The Government mistakenly gives a sports merit medal to a ‘Survivors’ contestant

An error in the Official State Gazette has led the Government to award the medal for sports merit to a ‘Survivors’ contestant. This is the case of Ivana Icardi, sister of Mauro Icardi, a Galatasaray footballer, who was on the list of players for the Spanish team who have been honored.

This mistake in the official national newspaper has been committed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and has left, for the moment, without distinction to Ivana Andréscaptain of the Spanish team and current player in the women’s section of Real Madrid.

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Once detected, the Higher Sports Council has admitted the “human error” in the list of players, ensuring that He is already working to correct it “promptly” and revealing that he has also sent a letter of apology to the current soccer world champion.

It should be remembered that Ivana Icardi participated in ‘Survivientes’ in 2020. Argentina was the tenth expelled from the Telecinco reality show, being one of the greats of that season. In fact, she had a sentimental relationship with Hugo Sierra, who also competed that year.