The Gentlemen: plot, cast, review, Guy Ritchie

TAmong the most anticipated titles of this 2024, starting today on Netflix are all eight episodes of The Gentlemenseries created and directed by Guy Ritchie, which expands some situations of the film of the same name which he directed in 2019. But if in the film the protagonists were American gangsters transplanted to London, here the cast is all British and is captained by Theo Jamesone of the sexy protagonists of The White Lotus 2.

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The Gentlementhe plot of the Netflix series

Edward Horniman (Theo James) is an army captain and works on the border between Syria and Türkiye with the UN Blue Helmets. One day though he hastily returns to England to assist his fatherthe Duke of Halstead, (Edward Fox), in his last hours of life

After the man’s death, at the reading of the will, Edward discovers that the Duke he excluded his eldest son Freddy from the inheritance (Daniel Ings) and that therefore he alone is the heir of splendid family home and some land of which, however, he was not aware. Problems arise when it becomes known that in reality these plots they are part of a notorious cannabis empirerun by Susie Glass (Kaya Scodelario) on behalf of her father Bobby (Ray Winstone).

Theo James and the cast of “The Gentlemen”, the series.

It won’t be long before Edward finds himself cornered and harassed by a series of British underworld figures but, after an initial attempt to deal with the threat, the new Duke of Halstead understands that it is necessary to resort to less orthodox methods. And that, perhaps, life as a high-class gangster It’s not that bad.

An explosive series full of humor

After the success of the film The Gentlemen of 2019 – which starred Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Grant – Guy Ritchie wrote and created this one spin-off series with the aim of expanding that narrative universe populated by gangsters engaged in marijuana trafficking in London. A story probably too “wide” for the duration of a single feature film.

Therefore taking inspiration from the film of the same namethe director of Sherlock Holmes and war films The Covenant with Jake Gyllenhaal, he returns to territories (not just geographical) that are very congenial to him, namely those of the British criminal world. All seasoned with humor and surreal situations. In fact, the “Ritchie style” is recognizable from the first minutes of the series – the director directed only two of the eight episodes – i.e a mix of witty jokes, over-the-top characters and distorted timelines.

Therefore mixing action and irony, The Gentlemen proceeds at a rapid paceeven when Ritchie is not behind the camera and, despite a slight change in style in the episodes not directed by him, keeps the viewer glued to a whirlwind of characters and situations all to laugh at. Thanks to a effective cast and spot on (applause to Theo James and the rediscovered Joely Richardson), the series almost resembles a cartoon for adults. Which, episode after episode, is enriched by exciting new subplots until the final explosive.

Guy Ritchie and David Beckham at the London premiere of ‘The Gentlemen’ (Getty Images)

Theo James, the confirmation of a talent

Of Greek origins, born in Oxford and graduated in philosophythe handsome Theo made his debut at the cinema very young in 2010 thanks to Woody Allen in the film You will meet the man of your dreams. After years of small roles, in 2014 he is the protagonist of the dystopian trilogy Divergentpost-apocalyptic sci-fi that makes him famous protagonist of the saga.

Theo James in a scene from “The Gentlemen”. (Netflix)

Despite the fame, however, Theo ends up entangled in a series of low-to-middle productions until the unexpected exploit last year. When he conquers the role (and again the success) of the vicious and mean Cameron Sullivan in the second season of The White Lotus. A role that did a lot sensation even for one full frontal nude scene where Theo showed a truly “disproportionate” genital organ. A prosthesis obviously, as the guest actor wanted to specify The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Married for years to his Irish colleague Ruth Kearney, we’ll see Theo again in horror soon The Monkey based on the novel by Stephen King but not only. The actor in fact is in talks to play George Michael in an upcoming biopic on the pop star who passed away in 2016. In addition to a vague resemblance, in fact, Theo, like George, is also of Greek origins and therefore the ideal candidate to revive the unforgettable George on the big screen.