The Gabber Week also connects seniors with each other: “A real cake, just like me!”

While a huge box of Lego is being tipped over in a room nearby, the seniors present happily continue to play around. Because the Gabberweek – a volunteer collective that organizes numerous activities in West Friesland during the spring holidays – is also for the elderly. “We connect by continuing to meet each other.”

The Gabberweek is also for seniors – NH News

Bowling, baking pizzas, sports activities, crafts and even a trip to Ecomare on Texel. The Gabber Week has been a household name for many West Frisian schoolchildren for years and is increasingly expanding. In target groups and numbers. “We started in 1996 with 450 participants and we now have more than a thousand,” says chairman Marije Jonker-Verweij from Spanbroek. This year she is serving as president for the first time. “It is a very pleasant week, with very nice volunteers. The days are long, but it gives a lot of energy.”

90 volunteers, 50 drivers

Even more figures: about 90 people volunteer for a week, including about 50 drivers who drive the 24 vans. A volunteer cooking team ensures that the volunteers are well taken care of.

One of the drivers this week was mayor Van den Hengel of Opmeer. He drove one of the vans for a day last week to transport the children to an activity. Verweij-Jonker: “He was very enthusiastic and even wants to come and help for two days next year. Super fun! He was just unlucky that his van came to a standstill. It didn’t do anything anymore. Fortunately, someone was able to help quickly and came. he won’t be late for his next appointment.”

“The mayor was a bit unlucky when his van came to a standstill. It didn’t do anything anymore.”

Marije Verweij-Jonker – chairman of Gabberweek

But Gabber Week is certainly not just for young people. A program is also being put together for seniors. At the ‘t Ruimteschip primary school in Opmeer, a group of women made a flower cake on Thursday, in keeping with the approaching spring. “It’s always great fun to participate, they organize different things every time. It’s fun,” said Truus Broertjes from Hoogwoud. “You meet these women again later in the village and then you have a chat again. It creates a pleasant atmosphere.”

Connecting by meeting

And according to Verweij-Jonker, that is exactly the intention. “We notice that society is becoming lonely. We want to continue to connect in our and surrounding municipalities and we do this by continuing to meet each other. You hear that the women are having fun together and that is exactly our goal.”

At the end of the morning the table is filled with beautiful creations. The result is impressive, Truus agrees. “A real cake, yes.” A hearty laugh follows: “Just like me!”

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