The “flashing stick” of the Lions’ NHL star is amazing – The picture shows the special feature

After increasing the power, Kakko has changed to a stiffer racket.

Kaapo Kakko plays with a slightly shorter bat than usual. IL, Jussi Saarinen

The most observant may have noticed during the World Cup that the NHL man who was chilling on the sideline of the second chain Kaapo Kako plays with a fairly short racket.

Kako’s tool has been a topic of conversation for years. It has been called, among other things, a toothpick and a bat.

When Kakko last played in the World Cup, i.e. in the spring of 2019, Iltalehti reported that the length difference between Kakko and Marko Anttila’s rackets is 25 centimeters. The height difference between the players themselves is about 13 centimeters.

– This is pretty much the same as before, Kakko says about his racket now.

However, there have been some minor changes. In the 2019 Games, Kakko was an 18-year-old top prospect whose physique was still developing.

Four years ago, the flex reading, which describes the stiffness of Kako’s racket, was 65. Now it is 87. The corresponding figure for Mörkö Anttila was 110.

– In four years, maybe a little more strength has come. Anyway, I have made some small filings on the racket. I quite like filing these, says Kakko.

Leijonien, who himself played in the NHL Juho Lammikko commented that if he changed to a shorter club, the shots would not necessarily go the way they used to.

– For a skilled player, it is good that the racket is short. Probably my shot would go off with a shorter club, but I don’t know how well. But in corners, shorter is better.

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