The favorite heated crisps disappeared from the stores

The production of Kickers chips has stopped. You can still find the rest of the last batch in stores.

Estrella has stopped making Kickers chips. Chips were especially popular in the 90s, which many people have memories of with Kickers.

Since the 90s, the Kickers have returned to sales twice, first in the early 2010s and the second time in the fall of 2020. Both times, the return of the chips received a jubilant reception on social media, and the people of the chips rejoiced at the return of the classic. However, the initial drug did not carry far enough.

– Sales got off to a good start, but recently they no longer met our expectations, so we had to make the decision that the product has reached the end of the road, says the CEO of Estrella Finland Christel Lundström.

According to Lundström, the Kickers were able to make room for other innovations.

– Super Snack Mix, which belongs to the same category as Kickers, is now new. In addition, there are two novelties in our potato chips, and the country crisps have also been supplemented with something new.

Estrella’s best-selling crisps are Herkku Chips seasoned with salt and Manhattan crisps with sour cream and onion flavor. Among the newer products, Linssisnacks and Lenssisips have also made an effort to become a favorite.

– Country potato chips, launched a few years ago, have also become popular. They are made with a different production method, i.e. they are fried in a pot in small batches, which makes the chips especially crispy. Consumers have clearly taken them as favorites.

Estrella recently made headlines when it had to change the name of its Parmesan and Sea Salt chips to Aged Cheese and Sea Salt. The reason for the name change was the name protection given by the EU for parmesan cheese.

– The name change was related to the processing method of parmesan. After our processing method, the cheese cannot be called Parmesan, even though it has been used in crisps, Lundström explains.

MTV Uutiset was the first to report on the discontinuation of the production of Kickers.