The farmer is looking for a wife 2023, the sixth episode on NOVE

THEThe farmer seeks wife 2023 returns to air tonight at 9.35pm on NINE with the sixth episode. The final choice of the five farmers – one woman and four men – is approaching, and the aspiring companions must prove that they are truly suited to country life. The pressure is always greater and there is no shortage of confrontations, clashes, until reaching the last step or elimination. An episode full of twists and turns.

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The farmer seeks wife 2023the previews of the sixth episode

Among the Lombard mountains, Davide is struggling with his doubts. To try to clarify things, she decides to meet each of the three suitors in a two-person comparison. With Alison and Martina things seem to be going for the better. Some friction, however, comes with Aurora. The situation becomes tense and comes to a confrontation.

Theirs is a special relationship. They know they are different, but they have found a connection. And Davide must understand what he feels. If on the one hand, in fact, he is uncertain about how it could evolve, on the other hand he experiences unexpected emotions. For its part, Aurora is certain that she will not be Davide’s final choice. Despite this, he feels he has an influence on the farmer, who does not hide his tears.

“The farmer seeks a wife 2023”, Davide Codazzi. (Warner Bros. Discovery)

Filippo and Gianluca’s decision, Roberto’s doubts

We move to Tuscany, where Filippo meets Vanessa, the only aspiring farmer with whom he has not yet had the opportunity to spend time together. He invites her on a date, at the end of which she makes an important decision.

Even in Veneto it is time to untangle doubts and make decisive choices. The work in the vineyards becomes more and more intense and not all of them can keep up. Furthermore, Gianluca he is looking for the woman of his life and he hopes to find someone who has the same vision of life and family as him. Not all the contenders are on the same wavelength as her and there are those who decide to abandon reality TV. For the farmer a new phase begins in view of the final choice.

In Quinzano D’Oglio, in the province of Brescia, Roberto is divided between Aneta and Francesca. After the appointment with Francesca, the farmer is almost close to the final decision. However, he wants to be certain before making missteps and asks Gabriele Corsi for a little more time. A legitimate question, but which gives rise to a series of tensions, in particular with Francesca, who can no longer bear the threesome living together.

“The farmer seeks a wife 2023”, Gabriele Corsi. (Warner Bros. Discovery)

For Giulia an elimination and a passionate kiss

In the end, The farmer seeks wife 2023 goes to Abruzzo. In San Pietro ad Lacum, in the province of Teramo, Giulia is getting to know Paolo, Salvatore and Simone better. The moment of the first elimination arrives and the other two remaining in the competition must play their cards well to win his heart. They will do it during a date for two.

Giulia thus decides to propose a horseback ride to someonehis favorite activity. At the other, a candlelit dinner. In this case, romance takes over and finally comes the moment of a passionate kiss. At this point Giulia also needs to clarify to understand who she will choose.

Giulia Montecchia, in the cast of the reality show “The farmer seeks a wife 2023”. (Discovery)

The farmer seeks wife 2023what happened in the last episode

Last week Filippo asked Francesca, Noemi and Vanessa to collect and clean some potatoes. The judge of the challenge is the farmer’s grandfather and in the end it is Francesca who wins, who decides to take him to the seaside for an aperitif on the beach. The appointment goes well, but Francesca is disappointed because Filippo doesn’t give her certainties.

Giulia made Paolo, Salvatore and Simone clash at the stove. They had to prepare dishes with some ingredients provided by the farmer. Salvatore was the one to prevail, with whom she enjoyed a motorbike ride and a date in the swimming pool. Roberto challenged Aneta and Francesca. He won over Francesca and took her out to dinner.

Davide asked Alison, Aurora and Martina to clean the cheeses, the winner is Martina, who chooses to take him into the woods and give him a manicure. In the end, Denise, Fabiana and Jenny tried their hand at cleaning Gianluca’s tractors. Denise gets the win, who decides to take him on a picnic. The outing seems to be going well, but the girl begins to have doubts.