The exceptional numbers of passes due to the pandemic recede in ESO and Baccalaureate

11/23/2022 at 08:48


In 2020-21, secondary school graduates fell 6 points and pre-university, ten | One in five students in the last year obtains the degree with some suspense

Extraordinary situations call for extraordinary measures. With an argument of this nature, and given that the suspension of face-to-face classes came to pass, the Government and communities agreed “make flexible & rdquor; the criteria for promotion and graduation during the course in which the pandemic broke in in everyone’s lives: 2019-2020. The authorities encouraged teachers to open their hands and the result, despite the fact that the central government preferred not to speak of general approval, it seemed quite. However, in the following year, 2020-21, this unprecedented increase in the files that passed the course and that were titled deflated, as shown by the data recently published by the Ministry of Education. The department directed by Pilar Alegría emphasizes that the exceptional situation, however, has given way to a fact that resumes the path of previous courses: in general more students are promoted than before the pandemic and among girls and in private, the figure is higher.

One in five ESO students graduated with a failing

The course in which the coronavirus dynamited the face-to-face, almost all the adolescents who were in fourth grade obtained the graduate in Galicia: 96%. A year later, that figure had fallen six points, to 89.9%. And if a year ago 80% went home or to continue their studies with a file with no pending subjects, in 2020-21 seven out of ten could say so. One in five students graduated with outstanding. Even so, andhe general Galician data improves the state by more than one point and is the fourth best figure of those registered in the communities. That 2020-21 academic year, Galicia distanced itself from the central government and demanded that the holder of ESO approve everything and in “exceptional & rdquor; Leave a maximum of two pending, as long as they are not Spanish or Galician Language and Mathematics at the same time.

The best female academic performance

It is generalized: when academic performance is observed, female students get better results. 2020-21 is no exception. If almost 90% of Galician students manage to pass the fourth year of secondary school, the figure for girls is above 92 percent and for boys it falls below five points. In addition, they manage to finish to a greater extent -ten more points- that teaching stage with all the subjects passed. Besides, among the students the number of those who promote 4th of ESO, although it falls with respect to the course of the pandemic, suffers less: -4.7 points compared to -7.6 in boys. In Baccalaureate, the girls again have an advantage of almost six points to their male desk mates and once again show less deterioration than them in performance compared to a year ago.

Public versus private: paying schools win

All educational centers, regardless of their ownership, show a drop in performance compared to the 2019-20 academic year, just as in general they notice a rise when compared to 2018-19 results. But not all equally. In Secondary, where almost nine out of ten Galician students graduate, the percentage in public is more than one point lower and in private, on the other hand, it is 2.5 more. The biggest difference is produced if one confronts those who close the ESO stage without subjects in tow: the general 70% is reduced by almost three points in the public and it increases almost seven in the private, including in the concerted one. And if the comparison is made only with the non-concessed one, the difference in favor of this is 21.3 points.

The pre-university course: 15% do not succeed

In the year of the pandemic, 95.7% of the 2nd year of Baccalaureate students left the institute with the title. One course later, in the summer of 2021, 85.2% achieved it, ten points less. That year the Xunta was not in favor of allowing titles with failings either. Even so, as was the case in ESO, the results improve by 2.4 points compared to the last pre-pandemic year. Among pre-university students, it influences, as it happens in ESO, where they study: in public schools the percentage went from 95% to 83% in one year, twelve points less, while the drop was one third in private centers, from 99 .3 to 95.5%.

From Primary to High School, which course is the most difficult?

The smallest of the house are not spared from setbacks, although, in the case of Primary, the success rates exceed in the last year analyzed by Education the 97 percent of children who pass the course. The most difficult, according to the data, is second, where 97.4% succeed, compared to 98.4% in fourth. In ESO, the course that leads the number of students who fail to promote is 2nd, with almost 15 percent of students affected; in 1st year, 8.1% did not achieve it. In Baccalaureate, the number of promotions decreased in 2nd year, from 88.3% to 85.2%.