Status: 06.08.2022 4:32 p.m

    Nine sports are looking for from 11.-21. August at the European Championships 177 winners. But what happens when? provides an overview.

    Thursday, 08/11/2022

    Athletes in five sports are already in demand on the opening day of the competitions. The rowers start on the regatta course. The climbers are already in action at Königsplatz in the morning – as are the gymnasts. In the afternoon, the BMX pros get off their bikes.

    sportbeginninglast startmedal award
    rowing, heats09:00 a.m4:20 p.m
    Sport climbing, qualification10:00 a.m11:00 o’clock
    Gymnastics, all-around10:00 a.m5:53 p.mall-around (F)
    BMX Freestyle Qualification13:00 ‘O clock17:00 o’clock
    track bike, qualification4 p.m6:01 p.m

    Friday, 08/12/2022

    Track cycling, triathlon and BMX freestyle are all about the first titles. In rowing and sport climbing, on the other hand, there are preliminary rounds, repechage runs and qualifications on the program.

    sportbeginninglast startmedal award
    rowing09:00 a.m12:01 p.m
    sport climbing10:00 a.m11:00 o’clock
    track bike12:00 o’clock6:15 p.mTeam Pursuit, Team Sprint, Scratch (F), Points (M)
    BMX Freestyle5:15 p.m5:15 p.mPark (F)
    triathlon5:15 p.m5:15 p.mSingle (F)

    Saturday, 08/13/2022

    The first day of the weekend offers a lot of events. Seven sports are active in and at the venues. Medal decisions are also made in six of these seven: track cycling, triathlon, sport climbing, rowing, gymnastics and BMX freestyle.

    sportbeginninglast startmedal award
    rowing8:50 a.m1:36 p.mTwos, fours, quads, eights (M)
    sport climbing09:00 a.m17:30Lead (F), Bouldering (M)
    track bike10:00 a.m8:14 p.mTime 500m (F), Individual Pursuit, Elimination (F), Scratch (M)
    table tennis10:00 a.m6:15 p.m
    Do gymnastics14:00 clock14:00 clockTeam (F)
    triathlon4 p.m4 p.mSingle (M)
    BMX Freestyle7:00 p.m7:00 p.mPark (M)

    Sunday, 08/14/2022

    The gymnasts are looking for their special winners. In addition, the men start the road cycling race in the morning. The rowers have their last day of competition.

    sportbeginninglast startmedal award
    rowing09:00 a.m14:00 clockTwos (M), Ones, Eights (F), Double Sculls, Quads (F)
    sport climbing09:00 a.m6:45 p.mBouldering (F), Lead (M)
    table tennis9:30 a.m8:20 p.m
    road cycling10:15 am10:15 amStreet (M)
    track bike12:30 pm8:44 p.mPoints (F), Elimination (M), Sprint (M)
    Do gymnastics2:30 p.m4:53 p.mSpecial Equipment (F)
    triathlon6:00 p.m6:00 p.mMixed

    Monday, 08/15/2022

    Athletics starts in the competitions and the Olympic Stadium is involved for the first time. There is also something new on Königsplatz: beach volleyball. In table tennis there is the first title up for grabs.

    sportbeginninglast startmedal award
    table tennis9:30 a.m7:20 p.mMixed doubles
    athletics10:00 a.m9:48 p.mMarathon, shot put, 10,000m (F)
    track bike12:00 o’clock6:45 p.mTime (M), Sprint (F), Points
    sport climbing12:30 pm3:45 p.mspeed
    beach volleyball5:15 p.m9:00 p.m

    Tuesday, 08/16/2022

    Four long days await the fans of track cycling, beach volleyball, table tennis and athletics. The first medal decision starts at 08:30 in the morning for the walkers. New continental winners are also being sought for track cycling.

    sportbeginninglast startmedal award
    athletics8:30 a.m10:25 p.mWalking, long jump (M), discus (F), 5000m (M), 100m
    table tennis09:00 a.m9:05 p.m
    beach volleyball10:00 a.m9:00 p.m
    track bike12:00 o’clock6:11 p.mKeirin, Madison

    Wednesday, 08/17/2022

    On day seven things are going well for the road cyclists – individual time trials are on the agenda. Various decisions in athletics will again be made in the Olympic Stadium. In the table tennis competitions, it goes into the individual knockout rounds.

    sportbeginninglast startmedal award
    table tennis9:30 a.m9:00 p.m
    athletics09:35 am10:22 p.mPole vault (F), triple jump (M), hammer throw (F), 110m hurdles (M), 400m
    beach volleyball10:00 a.m9:00 p.m
    road cycling14:00 clock17:30individual time trial
    sport climbing3:00 p.m17:00 o’clockBouldering & Lead (F)

    Thursday, 08/18/2022

    The oars are gone, but now in Oberschleißheim it’s time to get into the canoe! New title holders are being sought in doubles for women and men at the table tennis table. The gymnasts compete in the all-around for Europe’s crown.

    sportbeginninglast startmedal award
    canoe09:00 a.m4:50 p.m
    athletics09:00 a.m9:55 p.mHigh jump (M), hammer throw (M), long jump, (F), 1500m (M), 5000m (F), heptathlon
    beach volleyball10:00 a.m9:00 p.m
    Do gymnastics10:00 a.m5:07 p.mall-around (M)
    table tennis10:00 a.m7:00 p.mdouble
    sport climbing3:00 p.m17:00 o’clockBouldering & Lead (M)

    Friday, 08/19/2022

    In canoe racing, the first continental champions are being sought. It’s also the turn of the mountain bikers. In addition, it is slowly getting exciting in the sand on the Königsplatz.

    sportbeginninglast startmedal award
    canoe09:00 a.m5:50 p.m1000m, 500m, 200m
    lightweight10:00 a.m10:22 p.mDiscus (M), 1500m (F), triple jump (F), 300m steeplechase (M), 200m, 400m hurdles
    beach volleyball10:00 a.m7:00 p.m
    table tennis10:00 a.m7:10 p.m
    mountain bike17:00 o’clock17:00 o’clockCross Country (M)

    Saturday, 08/20/2022

    First title in beach volleyball sand. In the Olympic Stadium there are almost only medals to be awarded in athletics. And in the Rudi-Sedlmayr-Halle at the end of the day at least the bronze winners in the table tennis singles have been determined.

    sportbeginninglast startmedal award
    athletics8:30 a.m10:13 p.mWalking, pole vault (M), 800m (F), javelin throw (F), 400m relay, 3000m steeplechase (F)
    canoe09:00 a.m5:45 p.m1000m (M), 500m (F), 200m (M), 5000m
    table tennis10:30 am5:45 p.mIndividual (Bronze only)
    beach volleyball11:15 a.m6:30 p.mWomen
    mountain bike12:00 o’clock12:00 o’clockCross Country (F)
    Do gymnastics2:45 p.m2:45 p.mTeam (M)

    Sunday, August 21, 2022

    On the last day of the ECS in Munich there is another full program with titles in six sports. Among other things, the canoeists, the table tennis professionals and the women in road cycling. The athletes are also going full throttle in the Olympic Stadium and the Olympic Hall.

    sportbeginninglast startmedal award
    canoe09:06 a.m2:26 p.m200m, 1000m, 500m
    beach volleyball11:00 o’clock17:30men
    road cycling11:30 a.m11:30 a.mstreet (F)
    Do gymnastics1:45 p.m4:57 p.mSpecial Equipment (M)
    table tennis2:30 p.m4 p.msingles
    athletics7:05 p.m9:22 p.mHigh jump (F), 800m (M), javelin throw (M), 10,000m (M), 100m hurdles (F), 100m relay