The EU supply chain directive is a half-baked project

The FDP in the Bundestag has welcomed the temporary failure of the EU Supply Chain Directive.

“The discussions today in Brussels clearly show that the supply chain directive is a half-baked project,” said FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr on Wednesday to the German Press Agency in Berlin. “It’s not just the FDP in Germany that has expressed its concerns. In other countries, such as France and Italy, there was also great concern that all companies would be severely weakened by the new bureaucratic requirements.”

There was no majority in favor of the directive in the vote in the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the EU Member States on Wednesday. Germany abstained. In the committee that seems like a no vote. In the federal government, the FDP urged that Germany not agree.

Dürr said the supply chain directive in its current form would bring absurd bureaucracy and weaken our economy as a whole. “As Free Democrats, we didn’t want to allow that. In the future, the FDP will only agree to projects that strengthen our competitiveness and bring our economy forward again in Germany and Europe.”