The Dome Cathedral as a neighbor: Marita enjoys every day

The Dome Cathedral in Haarlem has existed for 125 years. NH pays ample attention to this in a series. Today the fourth part: the Bavo as a neighbor. Marita van Velzen and her family live directly opposite the church for a large part of her life. According to her, you couldn’t have a better neighbor.

Marita enjoys the sight of the Dome Cathedral every day, especially when the evening sun shines on it. ‘Then the church is at its most beautiful. Not only from the outside, but also from the inside: through the stained glass through which the light comes through so beautifully.”

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Marita cannot imagine life without the Dome Cathedral. A number of family members sang in the choir, she married Joop there, her children were baptized there and she does a lot of volunteer work for her ‘neighbor.’


She also collects images of the church. She has lent a number of them for the exhibition on the occasion of 125 years of the Dome Cathedral. She gets up and goes to bed with Church. She only has to look outside to see the impressive building. ”People come from far and wide to see the church, and we live right opposite it. Amazing, right?”