The director of Harry and Meghan’s documentary accuses the court of smearing

The director of the documentary about Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan accuses the court of smearing.

In the Harry & Meghan documentary, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remember, among other things, their decision to leave the British court in 2020. PDO

Liz Garbus, the director of the Harry & Meghan documentary, claims that the British court tried to smear the series.

The controversial documentary was released on Netflix last December.

Garbus said Vanity Fair in an interview that Buckingham Palace was given the opportunity to comment on the allegations made in the documentary. According to Garbus, however, Hovi refused and later claimed that he was not given the opportunity to comment.

– Buckingham Palace said that we did not give the opportunity to comment even though we did. They did that to smear us so they can also invalidate the content of the series, Garbus said in an interview with the magazine.

According to Netflix, both King Charles and Prince William were given the opportunity to respond to the claims made by Harry and Meghan in the documentary.

Harry has accused the court of manipulation, among other things.

According to Kensington Palace, William’s communications department received an email about it from a third-party production company and then contacted the duke couple to verify the authenticity of the message. According to the palace, the contact was not answered.

The documentary about Harry and Meghan’s life is the most watched debut documentary of all time.

During the first week, the documentary was watched for 81.55 million viewing hours. That’s the longest viewing time ever for a documentary on a streaming service during its premiere week.

The documentary series about the life of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan appeared on Netflix on December 8. Netflix/CNN