Wilfred Genee can’t help but keep handing out stitches underwater to colleague Eva Jinek. He accuses her of fake journalism for the second time. “This is a commercial monstrosity.”

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    Eva Jinek is traditionally screwed with the men of Today Inside. Particularly the fact that, according to editor Sam van Royen, the son of Heleen van Royen, she danced on VI’s candle grave, contributed to this. Yesterday René van der Gijp started about an item that Eva had in the show on Tuesday about failed buttock lifts.

    Struggling Eve

    Nonsense TV, René thinks. “If you are also looking at that Eva Jinek, then you are also just amazed, aren’t you? I’m looking at a really nice item by Sander Schimmelpenninck and I also liked that woman who was sitting on the other side. A fine, a fine conversation.”

    He continues: “And guys, then fifteen minutes later you get a few females who had their bottoms done in Turkey and that went wrong. I will then only look further because I see that Jinek struggling, see struggling. Yes, you know: very unfortunate for that girl, but who cares, you know?

    No tickets

    Colleague Wilfred Genee: “Yes, no one, but yes: it must be full and it must contain diversion.”

    Johan Derksen: “Jinek has to say to such editors: ‘Don’t do it.’”

    René: “Yes, ‘no bottoms’. (…) You can just see that that girl really hates it. You can see that on the r.”

    Table guest Angela de Jong: “Jinek, you mean?”

    René: “Yes, the courage is sinking into her shoes, dude.”

    Commercial monstrosity

    Wilfred then repeats the suspicions that Eva’s interview with André Hazes Jr. was not a journalistic conversation, but disguised advertising for Videoland, the video service of her employer RTL.

    He says: “That was the same with the interview with Hazes. I mean: you played it down reasonably well, but that wasn’t well put together, was it? Wasn’t that also a commercial monstrosity what happened there? That interview.”

    ‘I wish her NPO’

    Angela: “What bothers me the most is that the Videoland documentary has to be mentioned 85 times and also that concert that is then broadcast again. Then I think: oh, there is such a good journalist there…”

    Wilfred: “You just awarded her the NPO?”

    Angela: “Yes.”