The derby in Criscito’s destiny: Under 14 debut and immediate victory against Sampdoria

In Genoa, under the Lanterna, it’s a derby from all angles: a deserved victory for the Grifoncini who started the season in the best possible way.

Genoa Under 14 won the derby 1-0 against Sampdoria. The words of the coach himself, Domenico Cristico: “Derby first time, it seems that this match is in my destiny. It was a hard-fought match, my boys gave their all and I’m happy with the performance. The emotion at the start of the match It’s due to the fact that the kids feel the game, it’s normal at thirteen years old; after ten minutes we loosened up and created more chances than our opponents.”

A goal from Bocchi decides the derby of Mr. Criscito’s technical debut

Domenico Criscito was interviewed by “We have room for growth, some on a technical level and some on a physical level, we want to help the kids grow and bring as many of them as possible to the Under 15s” adds the Under 14 coach.

“Compared to when I was one of the young players, football is generally more physical. Who inspires me among the coaches I’ve had? I take some secrets from Gasperini, Spalletti, Villas-Boas and Mancini, I have some similarities with them: let’s say that I have had a good education in my career. Now it’s my turn to give the right advice to the kids, taking into account that coaching a group of thirteen-year-olds is not like leading a first team: you always have to be careful about how you pose and how you speak.” , the words of Mister Criscito.

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