Lhe love story between Diana and Dodi Al Fayed relives in the new episodes of The Crown 5out today on Netflix. Waiting for the response from the public, attention shifts to an unfortunate event that has happened while filming the series. It is a theft of hundreds of jewels – equal to a value of around 150,000 pounds – initially mistaken for a murder case.

    The Crown 5the theft of jewels on the set

    Well yes, it didn’t take much for confuse fiction with reality and run into a gross error, which is now being made public. In the last months, Hundreds of Season 5 props have been stolen of the series created and directed by Peter Morgan. The incident happened last February 16 in South Yorkshirenot far from where the crew had stopped for the night.

    The police were notified at 4.30 in the afternoon, following reports of a theft inside some vehicles in Pasture Road, Doncaster, ”a spokesman for law enforcement said at the time. When the officers arrived on the scene, they were convinced they were facing a new murder case.

    Elizabeth Debicki's mimicry art in “The Crown 5” replicates Diana to the millimeter

    To mislead them, the discovery of a body turned face down in the river. In fact, it was about a stage dummyperhaps purposely thrown into the canal by criminals or perhaps the result of a daring escape.

    “The Crown 5”, Elizabeth Debicki is Diana. (Netflix)

    The embarrassing police intervention

    Fortunately, the impasse did not last long and, after a few minutes of uncertainty, it became clear that the murder trail was far from reality. Regarding the loot, the thieves acted quickly and well. They forced and cleaned three of the vehicles containing the props, leaving no traces.

    A professional job, to the point that the police, after the usual investigations and after having beaten all the leads, decided to file the case. The reopening could come only in case of new clues. So, to date, the £ 150,000 heist can be said to be successful. The stage decorator Alison Harvey he calls them “some of the most beautiful replicas we have managed to obtain”.

    Among the stolen goods, replicas of the Faberger eggs, jewelry, silverware and furnishings various. “We have tried to reconstruct the opulence of Russia and the Russian imperial family,” she added. However, the sadness and the defeat for the loss of functional objects for the shooting of the series for a moment fades into the background, thanks to thecomic aspect of the story. “I think the funniest moment was when the police negotiated the case as if it were a murder, because of the mannequin in the water. The agents thought, “We have a new case,” but it was just a rubber dummy. It took a while before they understood. ‘