Former Army Chief Cesar Milani, questioned the head of the Federal Intelligence Agency, Augustine Rossi, after he tried to “detach” from the figure of the former military. “The director of the Federal Intelligence Agency @RossiAgustinOk could notice such a crude strategy and be much clearer and more blunt in his answers,” Milani wrote on his Twitter account.

    It was the response after Rossi declared that he had not seen Milani “since he resigned as head of the Army, in May 2015”, to deny that in the body that the AFI directs there is a “military table” carrying out espionage tasks with the presence of men close to the military.

    And it is that in recent days, legislators from Together for Change They requested a request for reports on the existence of the alleged “table” in the AFI. In this regard, Rossi replied that the request “has already been answered”, and denied the existence of said table. “It is an absolute fallacy. It does not exist ”, Rossi stated, categorical in an interview with Futurock.

    In addition, Rossi accused the newspaper Clarion to “go out and attack” the government, since the opposition’s request for information had been published in a note in that medium. The head of the AFI said that Clarín “is concerned about the fate of the Court”, in reference to the conflict that exists between the government and its judges, suggesting common interests between the Court and the multimedia.

    Milani referred, in a long Twitter thread, both to the movement of Together for Change and to Rossi’s sayings. “The criminals of Together for Change They are trying to cover up their gangster actions in collusion with sectors of the judiciary through operations that are based on outright lies and fables. The mafia that is committing crimes is made up of those who are now requesting reports from the AFI and accusing me again of the same infamies,” the former soldier began.

    Immediately afterwards, he charged against the head of the AFI. “Instead of making an effort to get rid of General Milani, Rossi could have remembered that after years of political and judicial persecution and three years of unjust imprisonment I was dismissed and acquitted in absolutely all invented causes. I could honor those of us who suffered from this mafia and answer the infamous letter full of lies and false accusations with more courage”, Milani shot harshly.

    But Milani did not stop there. He went even further, and he even made reference to the attempted assassination of the vice president Cristina Kirchner: “It is unfortunate to see so many officials without what is necessary to fight the necessary battles. Obviously I am not in the AFI, because if I were, they would not have triggered the vice president in the head as if nothing had happened, ”she declared.

    “It is not us who have to give any explanation of anything at this time. In the cause that was invented for me by internal intelligence I was dismissed by the judge Bonadio during Macri’s very government and with all the powers against it,” concluded Milani, referring to the dismissal of a case against him on charges of illegal espionage.

    Milani was chief of the Army General Staff between July 2013 and June 2015, the year in which Milani requested his retirement, several months before the presidential term of Cristina Kirchner ended and the former president took office. Mauricio Macri.

    Milani’s appointment as head of the Army was not without controversy. He was accused of crimes against humanity during the military dictatorship, specifically for the disappearance of the conscript Agapito Ledo and for kidnapping and torturing Pedro and Ramon Olivera. The Justice acquitted him of both cases, but Olivera’s case kept him detained for two and a half years, until August 2019. He also had a case for illicit enrichment, but was acquitted in September of last year.

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