The creator of Facebook shared his dinner at McDonald’s

The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, uploaded to your account instagram your culinary experience at a branch of McDonald’s from Japan. The current owner of Instagram and WhatsApp, He shared the chosen combo on his feed with three photos of the menu of the most famous hamburger restaurant on the planet. The publication obtained almost 253,000 likes and more than 8 thousand comments.

Mark Zuckerberg

“Japanese McDonald’s: 10/10. Give these guys a star Michelin”described the billionaire businessman, referring to the award from the renowned restaurant guide. You can see, in one of the shared images, the typical fast food combo of the “Golden arches”: a hamburger, some fries, a soda, a salad and a dessert.

Mark Zuckerberg

Accompanied by a young lady, who was photographed by Zuckerberg himself, the man who made history with Facebook currently has more than 13 million followers on Instagram. With a pretty cool outfit, consisting of dark glasses and suede, the magnate of Goal continues his journey through Tokyo, where he is recently seen in his stories celebrating friends’ birthdays and even building a samurai sword.

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