The Cranberries singer’s cause of death has been determined – Music Rolling Stone

The cause of death has been determined: Dolores O’ Riordan died by drowning in a bathtub. Blood results document a high alcohol level, “four times the legal limit in traffic”: 330 milligrams per 100 milliliters of blood.

According to the police report, empty alcohol bottles were found in the Cranberries singer’s hotel room. The blood values ​​also showed medication, but “therapeutic”, i.e. prescribed by a doctor, in her case lorazepam. O’Riordan had alcohol problems, episodes of abstinence were followed by excesses, and she also suffered from bipolar disorder.

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Her body was found by a cleaner in room 2005 of London’s Hilton Hotel Park Lane on January 15, 2018. According to the report, she was lying face up in the tub and was wearing a long-sleeved vest and pajama pants. Resuscitative measures by the emergency paramedics had no effect. At 9:16 a.m. O’Riordan was pronounced dead.

Four bottles

Dark Thoughts by Dolores O'Riordan
Dolores O’Riordan

According to the report, Dolores O’Riordan drank five small bottles of alcohol from the minibar at 2:10 a.m., as well as a 35cl bottle of champagne.

The Cranberries singer’s death is considered an accident, regardless of the fact that no suicide note was found. Coroner Shirley Radcliffe said: “There is no suggestion that her death was not an accident. There is no apparent intention to kill. This appears to be a tragic accident.”