The coup messages of César Milani after the ruling against Cristina Kirchner

The Chief of the Army Cesar Milani declared through his Twitter account that after the sentence to Cristina Kirchner by Cause Road “There is no longer a peaceful solution to such injustices and similar collusion of the judicial party with economic and media power. Whether in the short or medium term, this situation will end in the worst way.

Along the same lines, the former soldier wrote in other tweets, charging against the opposition, more precisely against figures such as the former deputy for the PRO Laura Alonso and the deputy for Together for Change, Fernando Iglesias: “Characters like @FerIglesias,@lauritalonso and other henchmen now accuse me of inciting violence for saying that the people are going to get tired of so much outrage. But the violence is exercised by themselves and they project. The violence that they have exercised for years is what can provoke violence from the other party if they continue on that path. Stop the hand, stop once and for all with the mafia and parallel State that they constituted. They want to compare me with Videla but Videla is your idol. Clowns,” said the former military.

And the deputy for the PRO Christian Ritondo he crossed Milani for his sayings. “There is not much going around with this: Milani is suggesting a coup. Plain. The most violent of the expressions comes from Kirchnerism, as usual. We will take all the measures that have to be taken both in Congress and in the Justice”, the deputy sentenced.

Regarding Ritondo’s response, Milani commented again: “Ritondo accuses me of suggesting a “Coup”. A blow to whom? To the government of the Front of All? Think more clearly in the morning, Ritondo. They are donkeys even to denounce ”. In radio statements, Milani assured that he does not rule out being a candidate in next year’s elections, since he has “a deep political vocation.”

Milani was chief of the Army General Staff between July 2013 and June 2015, the year in which Milani requested his retirement, several months before the presidential term of Cristina Kirchner ended and the former president took office. Mauricio Macri.

Milani’s appointment as head of the Army was not without controversy. He was accused of crimes against humanity during the military dictatorship, specifically for the disappearance of the conscript Agapito Ledo and for kidnapping and torturing Pedro and Ramón Olivera. Justice acquitted him of both cases, but Olivera’s case kept him detained for two and a half years, until August 2019. He also had a case for illicit enrichment, but was acquitted in September.

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